What can you do in the Metaverse?

Nowadays, the options on what you can do in the Metaverse are infinity as the imagination of the developers, programmers and companies that invest in the creation of immersive worlds.

Travelling the world, watching acb’s basket games, attending talks and much, much more is up to you in the Metaverse.
Mario García-Mora Casarrubio

Mario García-Mora Casarrubio

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It is probably no surprise to anyone that there are numerous worlds in the Metaverse in which the experience is underpinned by gaming.  Perhaps it is more surprising to explore the number of games and activities currently available. From shooter-style video games and magic school simulators to gaming worlds in which being an inhabitant of a fictional country and socialising increases your in-game power.

However, it’s not all about leisure, as it’s not all focused on being a gamer. The Metaverse is a network of worlds in which there’s room for everyone, and in this post, we’re going to explore what you can do in a place in which anything is possible.

Things to do in the Metaverse

Tourism in the Metaverse

One of the main features of the Metaverse is the opportunity to travel to other worlds. On one hand, we can distinguish fictional worlds, in which the sky isn’t blue, and the architecture doesn’t comply with the laws of physics or simply represents non-existent places. On the other hand, we can find realistic worlds that depict places that exist in a virtual manner.

Firstly, fictional worlds enable users to travel and enjoy experiences in environments whose limits are set by the imagination. Flying, teleporting, diving and seeing unpublished works of art are all possible in these places. In the Movistar Immersive Experience world, users can travel to the settings of their favourite series or visit a virtual world with the work of Okuda San Miguel. 

Moreover, there are places in the Metaverse that attempt to recreate spaces reflecting reality. These immersive worlds provide the opportunity to get to know new cities or attend events without the need to travel. Discovering the old town area of Cuenca in Cuenca Land and visiting the International Space Station in Sensation Island from your living room are all possible thanks to the Metaverse.

Enjoying sport in the Metaverse

In the Metaverse there are two ways users can enjoy their passion for sport. As spectators, by accessing immersive worlds where sporting events are broadcast, such as the Movistar Dome sports stadium.

There are worlds that offer online classes for more active users who want to exercise, such as boxing, yoga or fitness classes. This is the case of Supernatural, a Metaverse space that offers cardio and strength training with 3D virtual trainers.

Going to an amusement park in the Metaverse

Enjoying the experience of an amusement park is another of the things that the Metaverse allows you to do. The immersive worlds of Horizon World allow users to play numerous fair-related games and compete in games of skill with friends, thanks to its multi-player feature.

Enjoying live concerts in the Metaverse

In the same field of entertainment, there are a multitude of worlds focused on creating immersive musical experiences. Experiences in which users can enjoy the live performances of their favourite artists as if they were in the front row of one of their concerts. Perhaps the most famous example is the immersive world of Xave World.

Watching TV programmes and series via the Metaverse

The world of television entertainment has also made the leap to immersive reality experiences. Today, there is no single platform to access for watching TV programmes and series on a large virtual screen.  One example of all of these is YouTube, which already produces original content for the metaverse at Metaverse Studios.

Professional experiences in the Metaverse

Not everything the Metaverse has to offer is geared towards entertainment. The Metaverse has the ability to transform the workplace as well. Companies that are introducing this technology into their know-how will not only set the pace. They’ll also be able to enjoy the benefits implicit in it, such as geographical flexibility, productivity, inclusiveness and accessibility.

Working in the Metaverse

The Metaverse provides unprecedented flexibility and freedom, as it’s able to perfectly satisfy the dynamics of teleworking and globalisation that companies are tending to embrace. Immersive worlds make it possible to work from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, without foregoing the social factor of sharing a space, even if it becomes a virtual one.

Attending courses and conventions in the Metaverse

The Metaverse offers the possibility to provide courses and training, for employees and clients, in spaces created specifically to simulate situations that are difficult or expensive to recreate in the real world.

An example of a professional immersive world is the Innovation and Talent Hub. This space has been the digital host of the Telefónica Virtual Stand at the 2023 and 2024 editions of Mobile World Congress 2023 and 2024. It has served as a virtual convention centre so users from all over the world could attend to see the demos and conferences that were presented at both events.

Another example of the immersive world applied to the professional environment is the Microsoft Mesh. Mesh has been designed to provide training and education for employees, press and customers in virtual worlds.

At Telefónica we work with the purpose of making connections more human and accessible, which is why we see the infinite possibilities of immersive realities as the path that will lead us to a better connection between people.


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