What are the challenges for the Internet and Digital Economy? Presentation of Telefónica’s Digital Manifesto

The Digital revolution is changing all our lives and societies. But, what are today´s challenges for the Internet and Digital World? What needs to be done to provide every user of Digital...

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The Digital revolution is changing all our lives and societies. But, what are today´s challenges for the Internet and Digital World? What needs to be done to provide every user of Digital services with a safe and open experience? How can we keep the Internet open and innovative? How can users trust and be confident when they use Digital services and the Internet?

Our digital and real lives cannot be separated anymore. Digital is real and part of our everyday life. What we think, what we say or what we do, belongs at the same time to virtual and real spaces. The digitalization of our societies creates new experiences, mindsets, behaviors, business opportunities and potentially also conflicts.

We all, citizens, policymakers, institutions or companies, are challenged. Telefonica has published its views in a Digital Manifesto in which we fundamentally advocate for an open and safe Internet experience for all.

Debate and discussion of the right approaches will be key element to succeed in the design of forward-looking policies and support responsible company practices. We believe that collaboration will be the best way to find innovative solutions and responses to the current and future challenges we face. Yesterday´s solutions might not be the right ones for tomorrow´s challenges – this is true for business and also policy.


In Telefónica’s Digital Manifesto we provide therefore some policy recommendations that are summarized in 10 points:

  1. Build Digital Confidence through a safer Internet experience and by empowering citizens to be in control of their personal data
  2. Create a Portable Digital Life for consumers by allowing them to use their data, information and applications regardless of their devices or platforms
  3. Open up mobile Operating Systems, App Stores and other digital platforms to increase users’ freedom, choice and competition
  4. Promote interoperable Internet applications, communication and messaging services to improve consumer experience and foster competition
  5. Improve transparency about the conditions of use for Internet services and the distinction between information and advertisement in online search results
  6. Transform education, learning and teaching by widely adopting digital technologies and services based on Open Resources and Standards
  7. Promote Open Innovation and Open Standards principles and prevent that undue Intellectual Property protection restricts innovation in the Digital Economy
  8. Create fairer policy frameworks by establishing the same rules for the same digital services and smarter regulation by relying more on outcome-based policy making and case-by-case supervision
  9. Make Internet available to everyone by establishing adequate conditions for private investment in broadband infrastructure
  10. Evolve the policy models of Global Internet Governance by building on its existing foundations and through involvement of all stakeholders in an open manner and on equal footing


Spanish version here

Portuguese version here

To present the Digital Manifesto and start the debate we will host an event in the Espacio Fundación Telefonica.

Join us and be part of the conversation!

When? Thursday, 09/25/2014 18:30 to 22:00

Where? Espacio Fundación Telefónica,  Madrid (Fuencarral, 3)


  • 18:30 Arrival and registration
  • 19:00 Opening and welcome by Emilio Gilolmo, Director of Telefónica Foundation
  • 19:10 Key Note Carlos López Blanco, Global Head, Public and Regulatory Affairs, Telefonica S.A.
  • “The Digital Manifesto: An open and safe Internet for all”
  • 19:30 Panel DebateMitchell Baker, CEO of Mozilla FoundationMichael Kende, Chief Economist of the Internet Society (ISOC)

    Chema Alonso, CEO de Eleven Paths

    Carlos Barrabés, Chairman of Barrabes Group

    Moderator: Christoph Steck, Director Public Policy & Internet, Telefonic

  • 20:20 Questions and discussion
  • 20:45 Closing remarks and Cocktail
  • 22:00 End of event


Like to attend the event? Register here


You cannot attend? Follow the live stream



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