Tips for taking spectacular creative photos

In this series of posts, I will share simple tricks that can help us capture (or edit) images creatively to achieve stunning results. What better way to start than with this tip?

Tips for taking creative photos.
Roberto Valentín Carrera

Roberto Valentín Carrera

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We have all seen spectacular photographs that seem to defy the possible. In reality, many of them are the result of creativity that takes advantage of limited resources, accessible to all.

What are reflections?

An intriguing and readily available (or createable) tool that adds a slight distortion to reality, often strengthening the final composition. To achieve an image using reflections, there are many simple ways to do it. Here are a few:

Long live puddles!

After a good downpour (or even during one, if you’re adventurous), the ground is covered with fascinating puddles that offer us the opportunity to capture amazing shots. If you’re using your mobile phone, simply lean down and bring the camera close to the puddle. This way, you can see how the image in front of you is duplicated. If you do it correctly, the result will be natural and it won’t look like you’re tapping into a puddle, but you’ll be creating a slightly ‘different’ reality that will catch anyone’s eye.

The bottle game

Can’t find a puddle within reach? Then create it! Take a bottle of water, a bucket, a glass or whatever you have at hand, and find a frame that appeals to you. Pour the water on the ground and follow the process I mentioned in the previous point. You will see how your chances of obtaining a suggestive image multiply.

Mirror, mirror, which photo is the most beautiful in the kingdom?

An interesting variant of the two previous points is to take a mirror with you, either small or large. This will allow you to take multiple shots taking advantage of the resource of the reflection in any place. Play without fear, moving the camera from one side to the other to take advantage of its reflection, and you will surely discover marvellous framing.

What not to forget

Before you click, take a moment to decide what and where you are going to photograph, as well as to choose the right location and timing. Look carefully for interesting elements in addition to reflections, such as original architectural details, play of light and shadow, or other attractive elements.

The image I present to you

This is a photograph I took in the Telefonica District with my smartphone, from the East 1 building towards the East 2 and 3 buildings. The cover image of this article encapsulates these elements I am talking about. The framing, free of reflections, already seemed suggestive to me because of the architectural composition and the geometric effects of the sunlight, which created an interesting atmosphere. However, the image won when I decided to include the reflection provided by a small puddle of water that I found on a bench. I captured about ten images, combining vertical and horizontal compositions, from which I selected two for editing. The one you are looking at is one of them.


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