The privilege of working in Districto Telefónica

Don't miss this poem by Marta Villar, Telefónica employee on The privilege of working in the Telefónica District.

poetry about the Telefónica District
Marta Villar

Marta Villar Álvarez de Mon

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“Around 8:30 I start

my morning walk

For this beautiful whereabouts.

I am in the Telephone District

And here is my little chronicle

of this magnificent venue

Unique architectural complex

pillar of the telephone spirit

that rises up faithful and in harmony

with company values

District is solid,

with its glass, transparent

Simple and elegant

Modern, innovative

Sustainable and welcoming

At ground level, splendid green areas,

And on the roof, 16,000 solar panels.

Smells like freshly cut grass

Smell the fresh morning air

In this global village

And in local time

From North to South, East and West

and there on my forehead, Central

Water is the cornerstone

From this magnificent place

In cisterns, ponds


and a large lake

which attracts all kinds of birds

Clear, life-giving water

To the fauna and flora here and there

because depending on the orientation

From all five continents there is vegetation

Among many others,

Maples, palms and plum trees

Birch, lime and oak trees

Magnolias, olive trees

Shrubs and seasonal flowers

District finds their home in the District

And on the last esplanade

the cold and powerful wind

makes me speed up

to cross the gates as soon as possible

Giant screens

They welcome me

In a new day

that I trust entertained

I advance to my place

ample space

Friendly and open

Where light is the protagonist

As well as the magnificent view

Start the computer

100, let’s imagine

The next hundred years…

I am proud

Pride in a long history

leadership and innovation,

of transformation

Pride in our vocation

to serve

with a desire for the world to improve

and people’s lives connect

Privilege is what I feel

And a lot of thanks

25 years as a telephone operator!

So many experiences, opportunities

Friends and great learnings

It’s celebration time!

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart”


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