Marta Villar

Marta Villar Álvarez de Mon

Head of Global Internal Communications, Telefónica S.A.

I am telefónica. In May 2024 I will have been with this company for 25 years, which I consider a privilege. Telefónica has meant a world of opportunities, in various Group companies and areas related to communication: forums and conferences; strategic, external and internal communication…

The most local communication I experienced in Vigo years ago, as head of External Communication for Telefónica de Galicia and Asturias. In the more international stage, I coordinated internal communication in the European countries where we were present at the time (United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia) and I was part of the Telefónica Germany communication team for a year.

I really like the field of communication and everything to do with personal development. I have been trained in coaching and enjoyed being a facilitator in the Leading Self programme at Telefónica’s corporate university. Currently, I am involved in communication at Fundación Telefónica (which I love) and I am happy to collaborate in the communication of the big milestone of 2024: Telefónica’s centenary!


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