The privilege of being a “telefónica” and working in District

At around 8:30 a.m. I arrive at Distrito Telefónica, in Las Tablas, Madrid. After leaving the car, I start my walk to my building, which is Central. A walk that I love, I wouldn't trade my parking space for anything. These are minutes of great enjoyment. First, I usually feel the gratitude of starting the day with all my people well, each one in their place, including me, arriving at mine. And secondly, because I look around me and the beauty, elegance and simplicity of the surroundings give me a great feeling. I like the combination of its modern, glass, transparent and solid buildings, with beautiful and spacious green areas of more than 168.000 square metres!

Learn about the privilege of being a "telephonist" and working in the District from Marta Villar, an employee of Telefónica S.A.
Marta Villar

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This is like a village, with its four squares (North, South, West and East) and each of them with a different and very diverse vegetation, depending on the corner (more sun, more shadows, light…): birches, maples, plum trees, palm trees, olive trees, oaks, magnolias, lime trees… It is a spectacle, especially in autumn, with an incredible variety of colours, and in spring, with its floral colouring.

Water is the cornerstone of the whole complex, full of cisterns (which also collect rainwater for irrigation), fountains, ponds, and a huge one, in the central area, as if it were a lake. I especially like it when there are people enjoying it, or when there are ducks, geese and other birds… with the trees in the background, among which stand out, at least for me, two weeping willows, which bring back very good memories of my childhood.

The project

The other day I read a very interesting article by my colleague Emilio Rodríguez about the different architectural proposals for Telefónica’s new headquarters. And I was very happy that Rafael de la Hoz’s project finally won, and that we are not in some super-modern skyscraper disconnected from nature. It also stands out for its sustainability, for example, the 16,000 photovoltaic solar panels on the roofs or the façade, which filters the sunlight, make it possible to save a lot of energy and air conditioning.

A cultural change

In 2005, colleagues began to arrive in Distrito, some of them a little regretful at first to leave the centre of Madrid, where most of Telefónica’s buildings were located. I moved in 2007, and although it was a big change, coming from the historic and beautiful headquarters in Gran Vía 28, I liked it from the beginning.

In addition to the magnificent exterior, I also found the work areas to be a step forward. Pleasant, practical, open spaces, with lots of light, more horizontal, flexible, areas for meetings, gatherings, training, innovation… In addition, we arrived at paperless offices, where printing was discouraged. And with all kinds of services close at hand: restaurants, cafeterias, banks, pharmacies, medical centres, nurseries, travel agencies…, facilitating numerous formalities. It was also an advantage to be so close to colleagues, to be able to see each other easily, and to have meetings without having to travel so far.

The coming to the District also prompted a change in working hours and made us a little more like other parts of Europe, with shorter lunch breaks and later departures from the office. After the pandemic, the cultural change was even greater, as teleworking took hold.

A quarter of a century as a “telephonist

And the truth is that the privilege is not only for the workplace, but for being part of a great company, which this year celebrates its 100th anniversary. Proud of its history of transformation, its leadership and innovation, faithful to its vocation of service and desire to improve the world.

In a short time, in April 2024, Telefónica will be a century old and I, a few days later, a quarter of a century at its side.  Years of learning and opportunities in different areas related to Communication, in different companies of the Group, cities and countries. Years of changes, of growth, of great friends, including a very special one that I married! A company that has also allowed me to combine a great job with being a mother and being able to dedicate time to my daughters. They have also enjoyed a lot of events and experiences related to Telefónica, for which they already feel a great affection.

A life at Telefónica! A privilege: THANK YOU.

(Photographs by Roberto Valentín Carrera)


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