The digital transformation of relationship with customers: trust, personalisation, proximity and dedication

Digital transformation allows to develop interaction between people giving trust, personalisation, proximity and dedication.

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Digital transformation allows us to develop interaction between people giving them trust, personalisation, proximity and dedication. Emotions that companies can use in a positive way to improve their customer relationship models.

For instance, you can demonstrate a personal relationship of trust. How? Applying the omnichannel, which allows connection to all your relationship channels with the user so that all the customer information is shared across these channels, as well as the interactions they have with you. Thus, a relationship that is established over the telephone can continue seamlessly, on the Internet or in a store. The person will no longer perceive the channel or their immediate contact and they will see you as a friend, as someone who knows them. You just need to link the databases and customer service processes. And the technology to do so is already fully available.

A more personalised and close service can also be applied. This allows you:

  • To compile all the information from the various interactions the customer has had with you.
  • To know what they have asked you, what they have purchased and which products and services they have shown interest in.
  • To analyse all this and deduce what their tastes and preferences are.
  • To compare their behaviour with that of others and suggest what they might be interested in.

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Big Data and Machine Learning will also allow you to do this, they will enable you to build an intelligent recommendation system and, the next time your customers interact with you, you can make suggestions in accordance with their personality. You can adapt your “Next Best Offer” not only to a marketing strategy, but also to the personality of your customer. Not only will you improve your up-selling and cross-selling options, you will also make the person feel accompanied and appreciated.

What can be said about the dedication and commitment to your customer? Why not be available 24 hours a day? Why not develop an intelligent chatbot that is capable of speaking to the user in a friendly and familiar way?  To understand them, provide help at all times, any time of the day and night, and doing so with the utmost courtesy and the right answer. Chatbots, supported by artificial intelligence, are able to recognise and express themselves using natural language, become fantastic ambassadors and representatives of your company.

And how about spicing things up a bit, a little surprise? What about a bit of augmented reality? What would think if your customer could see on a screen how the outfit that you’re trying to sell them would look on them or how that three-piece suite they are considering to buy would look in their living room? Or what about a virtual guide to resolve a technical problem that the customer can not only listen to, but also really see how it is fixed?

Technology offers all this and much more. All this and more is possible through the digital transformation of your relationship processes.

Has the relationship with your customer died? Has it become dull? Has the emotion been lost? Digital transformation offers new tools to reinforce the proximity with people and understand them on an emotional level. Now it just depends on you to use them.


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