Telefónica wants its customers to take decisions based on data to help them save time and money

LUCA Innovation Day event gathered together organisations that want to take advantage of Big Data's potential.

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Telefónica wants to understand better its customers and help them to take better decisions based on data so they can save time and money. During this year, LUCA has focused on its aim to transfer Telefónica’s experience in Big Data to companies, helping them to accelerate their digital transformation” said Chema Alonso, Telefónica’s Chief Data Officer at LUCA Innovation Day event. The meeting gathered together a large number of organisations that want to take advantage of Big Data’s potential for making decisions based on data.

Digital disruption is a fact, technology is increasingly faster and some future trends like Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) or Big Data are already being used” commented Elena Gil, CEO of LUCA, which focused on the value of Big Data and highlighted that “the companies that do not have Big Data in their decision-making will lose competitiveness”. The executive also said that many technologies are converging like Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Big Data.

Carme Artigas, CEO of Synergic Partners, a specialized Big Data, Data Science and Data Engineering consultancy firm from Telefónica, also participated at the event and gave a keynote about the economic value of the Big Data: “it helps to create new source of income thanks to the customization, to connect better with the customers and to improve decision-making” stated.


From left to right: Carme Artigas, Elena Gil and Chema Alonso.


Big Data applied to sports

Fernando Piquer, CEO of Movistar Riders, Telefónica’s eSports team, and Pedro de Alarcón, Director of Big Data for Social Good (BD4SG) and Sports, presented the agreement reached between the Movistar Riders and LUCA. The agreement will allow the eSports team to use the capabilities of Big Data to improve the team’s performance.  On the one hand, wearable devices of physical activity and brain activity will be used to study the impact on the performance of variables related to the physical and mental state of the player. In addition, massive data generated during training and competition games will be used to generate insights based on Data Science on the player’s abilities and how they evolve.

The intelligent analysis of this data can help coaches, dieticians and psychologists to have a better understanding of the behaviour of each athlete and therefore design personalised plans, improving their performance and consequently the results of the whole team.


Multi-sectoral solutions


Chema Alonso presented new solutions created by LUCA:

  1. LUCA Store, a set of specific standardized business solutions with a dedicated interface to solve Location Planning and Performance Management related issues combining the movement of visitors both within the physical premises and the surrounding area of influence where it is located.
  2. LUCA Comms, a Big Data service that converts data generated from the own company’s communications into valuable information taking advantage of automatic learning algorithms.
  3. LUCA Fleet, a fleet management solution that complements Telefónica’s offer for this sector and improves productivity, driver and goods security as well as providing significant savings and management optimisation.
  4. LUCA Transit, a service designed to improve infrastructure and transportation system planning to meet the real needs of passengers and to control the budget thanks to the descriptive, preventive and prescriptive analysis of the data relating to passengers, timetables and routes.


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