“Telefónica’s leadership has transformed Brazil’s telecommunications sector”, André de Souza

Meet André de Souza, Senior Manager of the B2B Relationship and Business Directorate Telefónica Brazil. Find out more about his career.

Meet André de Souza, Senior Manager of the B2B Relationship and Business Directorate Telefónica Brazil. Find out more about his career.

André de Souza

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How long have you been with Telefónica and how do you value your time here?

With 25 years of professional experience, I consider that my history has been deeply influenced by this journey. I always mention SUPER 15, where we worked on the telephone line and, today, with VIVINHO, we work with Fibre, Mobile and digital services, demonstrating our strength of transformation and determination.

My transformation has been remarkable: from systems programmer, as a young man full of dreams, to CEO. The fulfilment and motivation remain the same, now as a family man, married to Giselle da Hora Garcia, and father of three incredible children: Serena da Hora Garcia (10 years old) and twins Rafael da Hora Garcia and Daniel da Hora Garcia (2 years old).

It is incredible to see how we have grown together with the company, overcoming countless challenges along the way. This transformation is proof of our perseverance and dedication.

Is there any project at Telefónica that you feel particularly satisfied with or proud of?

There have been two special moments/projects that have marked my career:

Development of the SCAi System (2002): In this project I had the opportunity to contribute to the development of SCAi, a system that allowed Telefónica to expand its customer base to more than 4 million SPEEDY subscribers. This self-installation process was an important milestone. In addition, during this period I made friends and we created a benchmark that was later used for the deployment of TV and Fibre Optic services.

#OurB2B World: During this second period, I was responsible for serving 1,100 people. This project generated a significant transformation in the service model, positively impacting people’s lives. During these 3 years, we have provided many opportunities and, once again, I have made friends for life!

    What do you think Telefónica has contributed to society?

    I realise that Telefónica’s leadership has transformed the telecommunications sector in Brazil. The expansion, broadband, TV and fibre projects were fundamental in driving the telecommunications market, leading competitors to constantly reinvent themselves to adapt to the movement generated by Telefónica.

    The arrival of mobile telephony brought about a true revolution in the way we communicate. Telefónica/VIVO began the process of transforming itself into a technology company with the aim of connecting people and creating a better world.

    Today we continue to be a benchmark in the market, a brand recognised not only for its telecommunications services, but also for our technological and sustainability projects. We value all people, promoting diversity from the inside out. And, at the end of the day, we have time for everything!

    Where do you see Telefónica in the future?

    I see Telefónica expanding its services and technologies, taking advantage of the growing demand for connectivity and the need for fast and efficient communication.

    In addition, I see an even more valued collaborative environment, and the company reaping the rewards of diversity with more innovations.

    I see a HUMAN company creating ever greater spaces for inclusion and sustainability.

    I see a unique company capable of living another 100 years of history.

    Could you live without a mobile phone?

    Yes, however, for many it would be difficult to give up the resources and benefits offered by a mobile phone, going beyond infinity with the amount of information available.

    I just see that we are in a process of adaptation and we are already asking ourselves: Where? How? How? These are the places and the moments when we need to be connected to a mobile phone.

    That’s why I’m proud of the company that promotes conscious actions in a scenario where we can and should live in the moment.

    Help us solve one of humanity’s great enigmas: the potato omelette? With onion or without onion?

    When it comes to the potato omelette, it is a question of personal preference. Some people prefer it with onion and some people prefer it without onion. There is no right or wrong answer.

    Preferably, I see the grace of the potato and the power of the onion to generate different sensations as complementary. In a world that specialises in breaking down barriers and transforming/questioning everything, this enigma is nothing more than a personal doubt.

    Propose a crazy idea that you would like Telefónica to carry out on its centenary

    RThat Volunteer Day be celebrated in one place, bringing all countries together and showing the POWER of all of us together, connecting people’s lives and doing GOOD.


    It’s not just about celebrating 100 years, it’s about a HUMAN REVOLUTION for the next 100 years.

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