Discover how Telefónica Open Gateway powers the network through its Partner Program and Developer Hub

Open Gateway is a GSMA-led telco industry initiative to transform telecommunications networks into platforms to open network capabilities to the world.

Are you a company? The Telefónica Open Gateway Partner Program is waiting for you. If you are a developer, enter the Developer Hub and use the APIs.
Mario García-Mora Casarrubio

Mario García-Mora Casarrubio

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These capabilities are exposed and developed through standardised and global APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), so that developers can make a single development compatible with all telcos’ networks.  

Telefónica Open Gateway is Telefónica’s project working on these standardised network APIs, with a focus on Brazil and Spain. Within this project, which is working on different solutions and integrating the first advanced APIs in different use cases, two programmes have also been created so that companies and developers can start to benefit from all its advantages: Telefónica Open Gateway Partner Program and Telefónica Open Gateway Developer Hub. 

Telefónica Open Gateway Partner Program: a way to boost business with telco APIs  

Telefónica Open Gateway Partner Program is a program aimed at companies that want to make use of our APIs to improve their business, enrich their service offerings or enhance the user experience of their customers.  

Benefits of the Telefónica Open Gateway Partner Program 

Revenue enhancement through sales to third parties:  

  • Access to third-party sales of the Telefónica Open Gateway network APIs. 
  • Access to the contractual framework of the programme. 
  • Specific marketing resources, which help to accelerate the building of the sales channels. 
  • Access to an online quotation system, with pricing and channel incentives, among others (coming soon) 

The acquisition of unique resources such as tools and content that facilitate the implementation of APIs in the partners’ business: 

  • Whitepapers and technical documentation of the APIs. 
  • Commercial documentation to boost sales strategies. 
  • Testing environment (sandbox), event participation, among others (coming soon). 

END2END support by the Telefónica Open Gateway team throughout the entire process of integration and commercialization of APIs in the business: 

  • Access to an expert specialised in the APIs who will help solve any doubts. 
  • Access to a pipeline analysis and consultancy service. 
  • Joint promotion and communication as a Telefónica Open Gateway partner. 
  • Specific workshops or accreditations and early access to our new APIs, among others (coming soon). 

Because of these benefits, the organisation will grow, and its revenues will grow as it collaborates in the development of the services offered by the APIs 

How to sign up for the Telefónica Open Gateway Partner Program 

This programme is available globally. There is no geographical limitation, however, the applicability of the APIs is limited to areas where Telefónica has network services: Brazil, Germany and Spain. 

The process to become a partner has three steps: registration, assessment and approval.  

  • Registration: all they must do is fill in the form to be registered.  
  • Evaluation: the Telefónica Open Gateway team will evaluate the registration to certify that the organisation can effectively benefit from being a Telefónica Open Gateway partner. 
  • Approval: once it is certified that the requirements have been met, the organisation will have access to the partner portal where the contractual process is finalised, and access is granted to all the exclusive benefits mentioned above. 

Telefónica Open Gateway Developer Hub: a lab to develop use cases with telco APIs 

Telefónica Open Gateway also has a free space specially designed for developers. In this portal, developers can test the APIs, create their own use cases and test new services that take advantage of Telefónica’s network functionalities. 

You do not need to be a senior developer to join the Developer Hub. The raison d’être of this space is to provide resources and support to developers, so no matter the level of experience. However, it is important for the developer to have a user account created on GitHub to access some of the Telefónica Open Gateway tools, which will be available soon. 

The benefits of joining the Telefónica Open Gateway Developer Hub 

Developers who join the Developer Hub get early access to the entire API repository for free. In addition, it is possible to use them in developments and build new applications on Telefónica’s network applications, which have a global reach. 

In addition to this, Telefónica Open Gateway Developer Hub will offer developers the development kit to access exclusive tools and content to easily test the APIs. In this first version of the Developer Hub users can: 

  • Browse code examples from different technologies and user guides. 
  • Supporting documentation and training: so that developers can work with the APIs regardless of their level of experience. 
  • Support from the Telefónica Open Gateway team to resolve doubts or incidents. 
  • Advance notification of new APIs to know before anyone else the new products that Telefónica Open Gateway develops. 

Test and validate use cases to generate end-to-end services for clients (B2B or B2C): 

  • The ability to access specific technical documentation. 
  • Test your own use cases and their real applicability, together with the Telefónica Open Gateway team of experts. 
  • Access to product betas 
  • Testing APIs in the Sandbox (coming soon) 

How to join the Telefónica Open Gateway Developer Hub 

As with the Partner Program, the Developer Hub has no geographic restrictions on joining. However, the APIs can only be applied to territories where Telefónica provides network services, which for the time being are Brazil, Germany and Spain. 

As in the Telefónica Open Gateway Partner Program, developers interested in the initiative will be able to join this portal and discover the possibilities offered by the network when optimising digital services. To do so, they must fill in the registration form and wait to be notified by its team of experts. 

Telefónica Open Gateway API Use Cases 

Telefónica Open Gateway is working with partners and developers to develop new use cases based on new network and telco services such as 5G connectivity, communications, web3, etc; in collaboration with AWS, Microsoft Azure, Vonage and Infobip.  

The integration of APIs allows developers to create and enrich services in a multitude of sectors: Fintech, customer relationship, e-commerce and retail, data-driven marketing, ICT services, industry and manufacturing, logistics and transport, travel and hospitality, media, entertainment and mixed reality. 

The integration of telco capabilities opens a world of infinite possibilities: better experience at sporting events and concerts in stadiums, better online gaming experience, autonomous drone control, more secure financial services and remote surgery with XR. These are use cases based on an initial family of APIs already available to promote new experiences in areas with great potential such as optimizing connectivity, communications, security in financial services, as well as privacy and security in general, but there are many other use cases

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