How technology helps SMEs

Having up-to-date digital solutions can be a competitive advantage for small and medium-sized enterprises that have embarked on the process of digital transformation.

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Technology is an ally for small and medium-sized enterprises, both through digitisation and digital transformation. Two concepts that, although similar, are not exactly the same.

In this article of our blog you can learn about the difference between digital transformation and digitalisation.

But how do these processes benefit SMEs?

Advantages of digitalisation in SMEs

Digitalisation, understood as the process that improves business functions and operations through the use of technology, brings a series of benefits both in the private or personal sphere and in the business sphere, focusing in this specific case on SMEs.

These advantages of digitisation for small and medium-sized enterprises make it possible:

  • Freeing up physical space by reducing the amount of paper documents that accumulate. This creates more space for other uses of the available facilities or, by reducing the need, it may even be possible to reduce the size of the offices.
  • Saving materials such as paper, which is positive from both an environmental and economic perspective.
  • Quick and easy access to information as it is possible to consult it remotely, which can also lead to an increase in productivity as it is possible to dedicate time to other tasks in a time that was previously spent on processes that were slower without digitisation.
  • Increased security by storing data on external storage devices or in the cloud, which reduces the possible loss of sensitive information in the event of mishaps or accidents.

Benefits of digital transformation in SMEs

Digital transformation is understood as the search for solutions based on a digital environment as opposed to digitalisation, focused on the mere incorporation of technology.

This digital transformation process, therefore, brings a series of advantages linked to the incorporation of ICTs in the day-to-day life of small and medium-sized enterprises.

What are they?

  • Help in decision-making by knowing more detailed information about customers (or potential customers) or other relevant issues such as new market trends.
  • Better communication both internally with the rest of the staff and externally with customers or suppliers.
  • Improved customer relations through the ability to know their preferences or needs in greater detail.
  • Expansion of the company’s notoriety thanks to the digital presence in numerous aspects, such as the website or social networks.
  • Simplification of business management processes such as planning, accounting management or time organisation.

Telefónica and SMEs

Telefónica puts all its experience in opening up new paths and promoting change in society and in companies, a background that the company places at the disposal of SMEs both in their growth process and in their digital evolution.

As we have been discussing throughout the article, one of the aspects to be taken into account in how technology supports the evolution of SMEs is the digitisation of the company’s infrastructure, something that affects issues such as communications, the cloud, security in the physical space or cybersecurity.

Likewise, the digital transformation of certain processes with the support of technologies such as IoT or Big Data is relevant in order to have more data available and to know customers better and fine-tune the offer, as well as to be able to have an online presence in line with the needs in order to offer a careful letter of introduction on the Internet.

Some of the tangible issues into which this aid for SMEs translates have to do with solutions for the website, e-commerce, management of social networks, electronic invoices or virtual office tools.


The use of technological solutions in the development of SMEs can be of great relevance as it represents a qualitative leap compared to other similar companies that have not yet undertaken the digital transformation.


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