People: the true protagonists of digitalisation

Telefónica participates in Retina LTD, the event that brings together leaders in digital transformation to reflect on the impact of new technology trends.

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Retina LTD, the event organized by El País and sponsored by Telefónica, brings together leaders in digital transformation from different industries to delve in current risks and trends that companies must face in a context as disruptive as our current one.


The morning session was structured around three main topics for debate: technology, people and businesses. The choice of the topics follows the need to reflect upon how can we reach a human-centric digitalisation and what is the businesses role in achieving this objective.

Chema Alonso, Chief Data Officer of Telefonica, addressed those issues from a technological perspective. Artificial Intelligence and virtual assistants have a main role in the revolution that has become part of our lives, as they make it easier. Thus, at Telefonica we bet on making the net smart, placing clients in the centre so they are in control of their data. This is the essence of the fourth platform.


Chema Alonso at Retina LTD

Hereupon, Juan Ignacio Cirac, a distinguished physicist who received the Prince of Asturias Award in 2006, provided the most futurist vision of the day, as he debated about the impact of quantum computing in the digitalisation process and data processing. Telefonica is a trailblazer in this field and is implementing pilot tests to explore the opportunities it offers.

Marta Machicot, Chief Human Resource Officer of Telefonica; Alicia Bosch, Ideation Strategist at Telefonica Alpha; and Cristina Burzako, Chief Communication and Advirtising officer also participated in the evening activities.

Marta Machicot focused her speech on talent in the digital era. More than a trend, we are observing a paradigm shift. We are heading to a near future where we will need to rebrand oneself multiple times during our working life, where lifelong learning and the acquisition of new skills will be essential.


“Technology is a great enabler, but human talent is the key to move forward successfully in the digital transformation”



Alicia Bosch contributed with the most technological approach to explain Alpha, the lab designed to explore future disruptive technology and undertake long-term research of Telefónica. It is the first space of this nature in Europe devoted to create and come up with technologies that can make the world substantially better.


Lastly, Cristina Burzako, recently awarded at the MAS (Mujeres A Seguir), went over the challenges of the businesses in the light of digitalisation and bet on a communication that “puts itself in the shoes of the user”.


Cristina Burzako






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