“My day to day”, by Roberto Valentín from Marketing at Telefónica de España

My routine starts at dawn. I usually wake up early and try to get to the Telephone District first thing in the morning.

Find out what a day at work is like for Roberto Valentín from Marketing at Telefónica de España.
Roberto Valentín Carrera

Roberto Valentín Carrera

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I usually come by motorbike, so I usually park outside the East area.

Before entering the East building, I enjoy a short walk through the District. This short walk serves to clear my mind and gives me the opportunity to practice one of my most constant hobbies: photography. Over the years, this ritual has become a space of serenity and a way to document the evolution of my surroundings.

Crossing the entrance of the building and ascending to the eighth floor, I choose a workspace. I am not in the habit of reserving a specific place; I prefer variety and the ability to choose a new place every day, in keeping with my adaptable character and my desire for freshness in the daily routine. I often choose to occupy one of the available booths, especially when I am engaged in video editing, one of my most frequent tasks lately. This habit of mobility and flexibility not only satisfies me, but also enriches my productivity and creativity at work.

The importance of diversity

Diversity makes my days at the office fun, each one being different from the last, although there are some constants in my routine. I start by checking the agenda to get a clear overview of the day’s scheduled meetings, both morning and afternoon. I then spend time answering pending emails, reviewing new ones and dealing with any incoming requests. Later, I proceed to structure my tasks, as I usually handle several in parallel.

Since I have a restless spirit, which is typical of creative people, I don’t like to stay on the same task for too long. I move from one project to another, like someone looking for the best song by changing channels. It is said that frequent changes of activity can boost productivity, and in my case, it’s absolutely true. So I rarely spend more than an hour on the same task.

My tasks

My days in the office are never monotonous, and that is something I value highly. I work in the Pricing Office, where we focus on the traditional business products – fixed and mobile – mainly for Large Enterprise customers. These products remain the strategic pillar for our segment.

I usually have follow-up meetings for my unit, the Pricing Office Management in the Head of Enterprise Pricing Strategy and Analysis, on Mondays and Thursdays. Therefore, I have to have the weekly work progress prepared before these meetings.

My main role focuses on communication, both to the end customer and to the sales networks through Medium Enterprise and Large Accounts.

I propose, design and launch communication campaigns, set up commercial actions, product launches, internal and external events, and a long etc….. In addition, for some time now, I have increased my activity with audiovisual production. Lately, I have been fully involved in audiovisual production. In these two years, I have created, edited and launched more than 30 corporate videos, both for internal use and for our clients. I am getting more and more involved in this area, and I really enjoy it; I feel like a fish in water.

My break in the day

I have the habit of having lunch on my own and I have it early, usually at one o’clock, sometimes at one thirty. For me, this lunch break is not just to satisfy my hunger; it is an island of calm in the midst of the daily hustle and bustle. I take a break, enjoy the silence and, incidentally, sort out the thousand and one thoughts that accumulate in my mind during the morning.

My working afternoons

I dedicate my afternoons to less urgent tasks, and I also take the opportunity to train and keep up to date on certain topics or to visit the various internal WorkPlace groups in which I collaborate. Finally, before leaving the office, I usually review what is pending in the week’s agenda.


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