On International Women’s Day, we are committed to providing equal opportunities for all people

On the eve of our Centennial, we celebrate International Women's Day by subscribing to our commitment to offer everyone the same opportunities.

Celebrating International Women's Day
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At Telefónica we work to ensure that everyone has the same opportunities. Diversity is part of our culture and, for this reason, we have been committed to this reality for years in all the societies in which we operate. As we approach our Centennial, we once again celebrate this International Women’s Day by commemorating some of our most recent milestones:

  • In 2023 we achieved gender parity on our Board of Directors, understood as a representation of between 40% and 60% of both genders, by increasing the percentage of women on this body to 40%.
  • We increased the percentage of female directors by 1.8 percentage points, reaching 32.8% in 2023. This figure leaves us, one year ahead of schedule, 0.2 percentage points away from meeting the target of 33% in 2024, and 37% in 2027.
  • In 2023, we increased the percentage of women in Telefónica in STEM (23%), engineering (15%), IT (39%) and R&D (42%) positions. In addition, among employees who have been promoted to management positions, 46% are women.
  • Through the AllyUp initiative, more than 3,000 people attended sessions on inclusive leadership, gender dynamics and management of high-performance flexible teams.
  • We promote different actions and projects to accelerate the professional careers of our female employees, develop the pool of pre-management talent and attract female talent:
  • Empowering Women. Aimed at all the women in the company, it explores female leadership, the keys and barriers faced by women who want to lead.
  • Female Talent Promotion Program. Launched in Spain to ensure the preparation of participants for positions of greater responsibility. In addition, we worked with the Malasmadres Club on an exhaustive internal diagnosis on work-life balance, which allowed us to understand the perception and barriers our employees face in achieving an adequate professional balance.
  • Futura leadership program in Latin America, which in 2023 had more than 200 participants and 139 certified women. In addition, we conducted leadership training for women at all levels of the organization.
  • We opened 320 positions in Brazil in 2023 exclusively for women in more than 20 cities. In addition, 52% of the scholarships were filled by women, reaching figures of over 40% in business areas and technical areas such as engineering.

And beyond the boundaries of the company, we also work to promote the presence and visibility of women and young people in STEM careers and entrepreneurship through a total of 44 initiatives globally. Some examples are #SheTransformsIT, the STEAM Alliance for Female Talent or Girls Love Tech, Only with Girls Love Tech we have provided more than 1,200 young women from all over Spain the opportunity to connect with more than 100 mentors and experts from the company, in more than 150 training, inspiration and mentoring activities.

Undoubtedly, all these milestones contribute decisively to strengthening gender diversity and equality. A reality that is implicit in the future we envision after these first 100 years.


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