The Empowerment of Self-Service Data Analytics: unleashing Insights at your fingertips

In today's data-driven world, access to relevant information is crucial for the success of companies. Data is now available in abundance and shapes our everyday lives. At Telefónica, too, we generate an immense amount of it every day, be it as information from the mobile network or customer contract data and much more.

Discover what self-service data analytics are and their advantages in enabling you to effectively shape the transformation proces
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Making these huge pools of data usable and usable for decision-makers gives Telefónica a decisive competitive advantage. More agile and faster decisions become possible. Regardless of whether we want to improve processes, make the customer journey even more customer-focused or optimize our marketing strategy: We need to make the right data available to the right people in the company as a basis. Silo-like data pools do not lead to agile decisions.

As an important pillar, self-service data analytics marks a turning point in the way we handle our data as a company. It enables professionals without extensive technical knowledge to gain deep insights into their data.

The benefits

Empowerment of the experts

Self-service data analytics enables employees in different departments to perform data analysis, regardless of their technical background. This means that marketers, financial analysts or operational managers are able to make informed decisions based on data they can explore, analyze and visualize themselves without constant dependence on data experts.

Time and cost savings

Traditionally, data analysis often required the involvement of IT or analytics experts, resulting in delays and additional costs. With self-service data analytics, professionals can explore their data in real time and access insights faster without having to wait for external support. This results in significant time and cost savings for companies.

Flexibility and adaptability

Access to intuitive analysis tools allows users to react flexibly to changing requirements. New business trends, customer preferences or market conditions can be quickly identified and analyzed, making companies more agile.

Better decisions through better insights

By interacting directly with the data, professionals can gain deeper insights. The ability to immediately recognize patterns, trends and correlations enables more informed decisions that drive the business forward without relying on intuition.

The basis for a good self-service offering in our company is provided by analytical platforms that provide reliable and up-to-date data. Cloud-based, these offer the option of analyzing data in real time and scaling it flexibly according to requirements. Connected to user-friendly tools for data analysis, they offer powerful tools for all employees and make networked working possible.

However, to exploit the full potential and create the basis for innovation and growth, the company must also ensure that security standards are adhered to, in order to, protect sensitive information. And, to ensure that everyone speaks the same language when it comes to data, it is important to build data skills throughout the company and empower everyone to understand the analyses and even generate and use visualizations, dashboards and models for their own questions if necessary. A wide range of training concepts and exchange opportunities, e.g. via network events and digital communities, therefore flank our self-service offering. 

A data democratization created in this way makes it possible to effectively shape the transformation process towards a data-driven Telefónica.


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