“My day to day at Telefónica”, by José Manuel Maestro

My days in the Telefónica District are not very different from those of any other Telefónica employee.

My days in the Telefónica District are not very different from those of any other Telefónica employee.
José Manuel Maestro

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I like to arrive early, around 7:15am. It is very fortunate to have flexible working hours so that we can combine our working day with our personal life.

I usually work at the DOC. Once I arrive, after greeting my colleagues, the first thing I do is to organise my workstation. Once I have everything set up, I follow a similar pattern every day. I check my personal email and service mailboxes. Then I check what I have scheduled in my calendar for the day and then I check the different messaging/collaboration tools (Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx and Zoom). Based on this review, if there are any urgent tasks I get on with them. If there is nothing urgent, I continue with the day’s schedule. In order to achieve the set objectives, organisation is a very important variable.

My tasks

As an operations engineer for the iReunion service, my tasks are focused on the deployment, support and maintenance of the technologies on which it is based, Cisco Webex and Zoom. In my day-to-day work, apart from the Microsoft Office suite, I make a lot of use of the unified communications tools with which we provide the service. Cisco Webex I use mainly as a messaging and meeting tool. I use Zoom in a very similar way, with the difference that in some deployments it can include functionalities such as telephone, contact centre agent, whiteboards, etc. Nowadays, security is an essential point in the development of any task. From this point of view, it does not matter much its scope or reach. We must never forget that we are all potential victims of hacking. For this reason, another tool that I use a lot is a password manager.

My tools

Other tools I use are different browsers, applications for taking notes, others for drawing block diagrams (very useful for designing how certain phone calls should be handled, flow design for contact centres, etc.) without ever forgetting a pen and a notebook. We have to be clear about who we are and where we are going without ever forgetting where we come from.

I am a firm believer and advocate of teleworking. Even so, we must not forget that we are, as I have read our chairman once, “people serving people through technology”. As such, the feeling of team and belonging to the group is something I consider very important. A team with a good relationship between its members functions better and performs better. To foster this feeling, we try to have the whole team together on the same days in the District.

The importance of interpersonal relationships

Coffee breaks and meals with the rest of the team always bring us a lot. The conversations are about a wide variety of topics: current affairs, sports, anecdotes, situations that arise in our projects… and we always get something positive out of them, from a moment of relaxation and relaxation to a point of view that is very different from our own, brought up by a colleague.

Broadly speaking, this is one of my days in the District. All very similar and at the same time very different.


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