Valérie Lubrez

Valérie Lubrez

Marketing Gran Público, Propuesta de Valor B2C

My name is Valérie Lubrez and I have been with Telefónica for 22 years. Throughout my career in the Marketing to the Public department, I have witnessed how we have changed the way we communicate, from telling each other everything by SMS, then MMS, to video calls on a daily basis. During all these years, technology has advanced considerably, giving us more options to connect. In my case, I use Spanish Sign Language (LSE) to communicate with my daughter who has a cochlear implant, an electronic device that helps her to improve her hearing. This experience in my private life has naturally steered me towards other projects that Telefónica has been working on for years, such as sustainability.

I really enjoy watching films in the O.V. because I think it makes it easier to enjoy the actors’ performances and the imaginary journey they offer us. I also practice hatha yoga. I was very surprised to discover that in addition to movement, there is a very dynamic type of yoga. As well as getting physically fit, it allows me to empty my mind for an hour so I can think about the “here and now” and it brings me a lot of calm.


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