José Ramón Vela Martínez

José Ramón Vela Martínez

Former CEO of TIWS (Telefónica International Wholesale Services)

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  • A Telecommunications Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, he joined Telefónica in 1981 as a technical operator.
    In 1984, as an engineer, he joined the Mobile Services Department, participating in the deployments of the different NMT-450 (Ericsson), TACS (Motorola) and GSM technologies.

    He was assigned to Peru in 1994 as head of the mobile business unit, and a few months later as vice president of Customer Service with commercial responsibility for all the operator's businesses.

    In 1997 he was appointed Deputy General Manager, and shortly thereafter he was assigned to Telefónica de Argentina as Director of the Corporate Administration Area.

    At the same time as working at TASA, he was appointed head of the Due Diligence team for the privatization of Telebras, and later for the Take Over of the acquired operators.

    In September 1998 he was appointed CEO of Telefónica del Perú.

    In 2003 he returned to Spain as General Manager of Corporate Development and in 2005 he was appointed CEO of TIWS (Telefónica Internacional Wholesale Services), where he refocused the wholesale business.

    In 2014 he retired from Telefónica.

    Nowadays he works in the field, reading, friends and fountain pens.


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