The international networks

Telefónica’s positioning at the international level has been marked by a business decision sustained over the years to develop its networks and services to the maximum based on the capabilities that the evolution of technologies, mainly satellite and submarine cables, made available to it. Experience has shown that this strategy was the right one as any capacity that was made available was systematically outstripped by the needs of customers and services.

This positioning and its serious and professional execution has allowed it to establish international relations of great relevance worldwide, making Telefónica one of the pioneering companies in the development of new transnational projects in submarine cables and satellites.

This booklet details the activity of Telefónica’s international network, collecting the testimonies of those who experienced it first-hand. It should be noted that Telefónica’s professionals in this field faced not only the usual challenges but also those associated with the lack of languages that are so important in this field of activity. Only their selfless effort allowed them to overcome this barrier and achieve an international leadership recognized by their counterparts in other countries that makes us proud of them.


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