José Carlos Pérez López

José Carlos Pérez López

B2B Cash Management

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    • I started in 1991 in Intervention, when the Territorial Directorates still existed. Then I spent 22 years as a commercial advisor to SMEs and Local Administrations, and lately I have been collaborating with the not inconsiderable objective of getting paid for what we sell. Let's see if together we can get the share price to go up (laughs). 

      On a personal level, I combine my writing with my profession as a father, a risky and unpaid job for which I train by greasing the physical machinery by spending my soles on marathons, saddling up on a bicycle and mistreating badminton shuttlecocks, and acting as a private tutor at home. It's a pity that this doesn't give me the same right to holidays as the teachers (laughs). 

      In my first novel ("El triatleta globero que se forjó una coraza de acero") I fused my triathlon hobby with writing. After that, I oriented my creations (the last one is "The mystery of the flying jellyfish") to a smaller audience (children from 10 to 100 years old), with the aim of turning my little ones into great readers. As I have achieved this challenge, I am happier than a dog with two tails; now, to square the circle, I just need to sell as many books as ADSLs and fibre lines I was able to sell in my years as a salesman. But without obsessions, hey, I don't want to be a mass writer either, mainly because I don't have in mind to write a bakery manual (I can't stop laughing). 

      In addition to the cultivation of the physical and the cultivation of letters I also practice horticultural cultivation in a "little piece" of land we have with those trees from which hang some curious balls with vitamin C. You can't imagine how good this juice tastes in the morning. 


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