Joaquín Rivera

Joaquín Rivera

Head of Telecom Assets & Services

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    • I have a life purpose to improve the lives of the people I live with, which I pursue both professionally and privately. I do this by focusing on leadership development; leading myself and others, and developing leaders through facilitation and coaching. I am a very versatile person, a fast learner and a committed leader. In addition, I am a loving husband and father, and a trustworthy friend… at least, that's what I've been told.

      I joined Telefónica in January 1994, and I am happy and proud to still be here after 30 years, to be able to celebrate our Centenary. What clearer assessment can I make than "once a Telefónica, always a Telefónica"?

      I have spent my entire professional career at Telefónica: 13 different positions, including operations, network deployment and customer projects, pre-sales and specialised sales, satellite business management, purchasing… even "supporting faculty" at Universitas. Some would say I'm a restless ass, I prefer to see it as a path of constant search for knowledge and personal growth.

      But the professional side is not even half of what I have experienced in these 30 years. At Telefónica I got married, although we were sweethearts before we both joined La Casa. At Telefónica I have been a father three times. With Telefónica I have become an immigrant, and with time I have put down roots in a new land, with a better future for our daughters. At Telefónica I have learned telecommunications, finance, leadership, to be a coach, to negotiate, to think critically, to put value before any other metric …. and above all, I have begun to discover who I am.

      Telefónica is my life, and I am thankful that I have had a happy life.


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