Ignacio del Río

Ignacio del Río

Training Project Manager

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  • Hi, I'm Nacho.

    I love to be a connector of people and teach them how to use technology.
    I'm from Leon, but I studied telecommunications in Madrid and here I got my "dual nationality".

    I like technology, but I try not to let it dominate me, even though it is fascinating.

    I joined the People department to manage a network and after a few years I discovered that I liked dealing with people more than with machines. So I was delighted.
    I believe that people with a technical background can be much more complete by learning personal skills and not just knowledge.

    I have been an internal teacher and volunteer for years and I encourage everyone to be part of both groups because they allow you to greatly enrich your work experience in the company. I consider myself an advocate for Telefónica and, of course, I am looking forward to celebrating the Centennial!

    On a personal level, I am a father of a large family and I have prioritized work-life balance to enjoy my children. One of my best decisions.
    I enjoy bal-folk, playing the bagpipes, climbing mountains and taking life with a sense of humor.

    I am a big fan of Einstein's phrase: Creativity is intelligence having fun.


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