Denise Sayuri

Denise Sayuri 

Chief Information Officer VP TI | Telefônica Brasil

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    • I consider myself a very fortunate person to have had the opportunity to develop professionally and personally along with the evolution of Telefônica Brasil, which has changed completely during this period, without losing its DNA and values. It is as if I had worked in different areas, in different companies, within the same company.

      I started in 2004 at Telesp, a fixed concessionaire, as a manager in the Strategy and New Business area and I experienced my first professional cycle, where I was able to work with new business development, M&A and mainly Regulatory Strategy, in a critical phase of the regulatory framework, so I learned a lot about our sector.

      Between 2010 and 2016, it was already a new company, VIVO, much bigger in all aspects, after the fixed-mobile consolidation. That's where I had my first stint in IT, as Director of Planning and Governance. Accompanying the merger from IT with a transversal vision was a unique experience, because the challenges in Technology in consolidation movements are added to the inherent challenges of the area.

      After this experience, I spent 6 years in B2B Business, responsible for segment strategy and account management. This opportunity allowed me to actively participate in a unique transformation and the expansion of our operation and our portfolio with digital services and with it, 3 new technology companies were born, the TTECHs.

      And 2 years ago, since October 2021, I am living the biggest professional challenge of my life, returning as CIO to this totally challenging and exciting area, which is the IT area, in a context in which VIVO incorporates new products and services far beyond Telco and positions itself as a technology company.


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