Institutional Framework

  • GSMA

    GSMA represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide: it encompasses over 220 countries, bringing together almost 800 mobile telephony operators, as well as over 200 companies in the broadest mobile ecosystem.
    Telefónica participates in the Mobile Energy Efficiency Benchmarking program to evaluate the efficiency of our network over other operators and identify new opportunities to reduce energy and emissions.

  • International Labour Organisation (ILO)

    The International Labour Organisation (ILO) is the United Nations agency that promotes labour rights, fosters decent work opportunities, improves social protection and strengthens dialogue in order to address work-related issues.
    The ILO and Telefónica have joined forces to contribute to eradicating child labour. Thus, in 2011 the Telefónica Foundation and the aforementioned organisation together created the Latin American Network to Combat Child Labour, a space in which to analyse, debate and reflect on the reality of this scourge from different perspectives, such as decent work for adults, quality education, social protection, healthcare and the fight against poverty.
    With over 10,500 members in Spain and Latin America, the network is the largest online community in the world focussed on this issue.

  • European Union: Startup Europe

    In 2012, Telefónica and the Lisbon Council, a think tank based in Brussels, reached a 3-year agreement to create StartUp Europe, a centre of excellence aimed at nurturing and supporting entrepreneurs and the job creation in Europe.
    In a Europe which is suffering the highest unemployment rate in almost three decades – especially serious among young people – StartUp Europe aims to become a bulwark to halt the “brain drain” and in this way help young people and foment technological development and a spirit of entrepreneurship.
    Telefónica and the Lisbon Council have established that one of the essential mechanisms to reverse this trend is the rapid creation of innovation centres throughout Europe to foster a spirit of entrepreneurship, with the ultimate aim of helping the region to regain leadership in technology and innovation.
    One of the objectives of the initiative is to establish a new Entrepreneurs indicator to provide young companies with intellectual leadership, ideas and information about research; it would also be a quicker way of integrating with the business social action programmes already operating within Telefónica, through the technological accelerator Wayra, Talentum and Think Big Young People.
    In addition, StartUp Europe will identify the key individuals and organisations to develop an ecosystem in which innovation and business audacity can flourish, and to establish relations with them. And it will set up a high-level advisory board and promote a strategy of awareness-raising aimed at politicians, entrepreneurs and opinion leaders.

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