One in seven people across the world live with some form of disability and this number is increasing. Companies are key to promoting the inclusion of this large minority. If we do so, we will all win.

At Telefónica we have been working in this field for more than 35 years, in which the new technologies are the major channel for integrating disabled and elderly people into society.

We would like to be a fully accessible company and actively contribute to creating equal opportunities. We apply the “Design for All” approach to everything we do to move forward in the above.  

Collaboration with leading associations in the field of disability helps us to understand the needs of this collective, so that all the departments within the company can incorporate accessibility criteria into their daily activities.

Our strategy chiefly focuses on two fronts:

  • On our customers and society, as we believe that access to the digital world is essential for improving people’s lives.
  • On us as a company and our employees, because we believe in diversity as a source of talent and because people with different abilities enrich us.


José María Álvarez-Pallete, Chairman and CEO of Telefónica: “I’m delighted that we are joining The Valuable 500 and pledged our commitment to disability”


At Telefónica we do not want to confine ourselves to offering specific services for these collectives. Instead, we seek to make each of our products and services more accessible, in such a way that they are useful for all their users, with the involvement of all the stakeholders, including the manufacturers, in the process. This is a working model based on sustainable innovation which seeks beneficial developments for both businesses and people.


We support the GARI initiative: obtain information on the accessibility features of many of the terminals available on the market


As a result, for example, Movistar has classified its catalogue of mobile devices in Spain under accessibility criteria. The company uses icons to identify the best terminals for overcoming visual, hearing, cognitive and manual difficulties.