Electromagnetic Fields: What the experts say

  • Swedish Public Health Agency / November 2017

    The Environmental Health Report 2017 concludes that although "the percentage of the population that is exposed to weak radio frequency fields has increased substantially since the 1990’s, primarily due to increasing use of mobile telephones, there radio frequency field exposure below current reference values is related to health risks”. In any case, as indicated, since wireless technology is relatively new, the investigation should continue.

    The analysis, which covers a broad range of environmental health topics, has been produced for the Public Health Agency of Sweden by the Institute for Environmental Medicine at the Karolinska Institute. In particular, the chapter on electromagnetic fields (EMFs) is written by professors Anders Ahlbom and Maria Feychting.

    >> More info: https://www.folkhalsomyndigheten.se/contentassets/c44fcc5df7454b64bf2565454bbdf0e3/miljohalsorapport-2017-02096-2016-webb.pdf

  • Spain´s Scientific Advisory Committee on Radio Frequencies (CCARS) / May 2017

    This report reviews the scientific results of the last three years and concludes that "the critical analysis of the evidence supports that there are no technical or sanitary reasons that justify the arbitrary and discretional imposition of more demanding exposure limits than those recommended by the WHO-ICNIRP and the European Union", while the application of more restrictive limits “would imply increasing the number of antennas with the consequent visual, social and economic impact ". "The levels of exposure of the population to the RF of Wi-Fi devices, which are well studied in realistic operating conditions, are much lower than those recommended by the agencies and scientific committees (WHO-ICNIRP, FCC and the IEEE)”.

    >> More info: http://ccars.org.es/noticias/157-el-ccars-presenta-su-nuevo-reforme-sobre-radiofrecuencias-y-salud-2016



Scientists do not establish health risks from electromagnetic fields

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