Telefónica Volunteers

The time, talent and expertise of our employees are given to voluntary causes. Telefónica Volunteers is today one of the largest corporate volunteering initiatives in the world.

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The Telefónica Volunteers program channels and promotes in 31 countries the social action of employees who want to contribute their knowledge, time and enthusiasm to the benefit of the community and its most disadvantaged groups. Managed by Fundación Telefónica, its scope is international and it is open to all the company’s professionals, as well as retired and semi-retired employees. In addition, we also invite friends and relatives of the volunteers to participate in numerous activities, thereby substantially increasing the impact of the initiatives.

Telefónica Volunteers now includes an innovative digital volunteering option: from any place and at any time, the employees can attend to the needs of NGOs, such as legal formalities, translations, communication tasks, etc. The programme also has an online Corporate Volunteering School, an interactive space to improve the skills of the volunteers.