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Preserving the confidentiality of people’s identity

A balance must be achieved between the protection of people’s privacy and the benefits of big data analytics. It is essential that privacy and data protection rules apply equally to different provaders of similar services: same service, same rules.



    Although historically and culturally defined, privacy is an essential concept in democratic societies and is embedded in law as a fundemental right. In the context of telecommunications privacy is about the protection of citizens from the interception of their private telephone or Internet communications.


    Telefónica is committed to the creation of a new culture of privacy in order to boost the trust and confidence of consumers in digital environments. This is delivered through its mandatory and widespread behavioural norms, across all our regions and entities, and by our clear and coherent privacy and information security policies.

    This culture is based on three pillars:

    • Self-regulation of the rights and security of users, beyond local and international laws.
    • Privacy as an engine for trust and as the key attribute of Telefónica.
    • Privacy as an enabler of innovation, well-being and prosperity in the digital world.
    • Digital bussineses need to be held accoutnable for its behaviour and always strive to fully comply with local requirements. 


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