Valencia has been established as the first 100×100 smart Spanish city thanks to Telefónica’s digital platform VLCi

Telefónica’s technological platform “Valencia Ciudad Inteligente VLCi’ [Valencia Smart City VLCi] in a new information and management tool for citizen services and municipal management, which as converted Valencia into a pioneer and national point of reference for integral management of resources and services through transverse data processing.    

The platform works like a brain, receiving information from different indicators:

• City indicators: strategic indicators, of a macro nature, that provide information on the city’s position in principal socio-economic magnitudes.

• citizen indicators: measure the citizenry’s perception of, and satisfaction, with its services.

• Municipal services management indicators: measure administrative activity and operational activity of each service.

For example, with this platform, residents have all the city information in their mobile phones or in their computer: traffic incidents, open parking spaces, recycling bin locations, public transport, geolocation for 3,000 tourist interest spots, or administrative municipal procedures. On the other hand, the platform helps improve municipal management: it aids in traffic management, optimises law enforcement response times, enables the integration of interactive maps showing pollution and pollen levels, and contributes to savings in energy and water resources.

Lastly, VLCi is an open innovation platform that enables the main local R&D&I actors, such as universities, research centres, business associations, the Port and the Chamber of Commerce, among others, to have free access to Telefónica's technology. In fact, Valencian entrepreneurs and software developers can now access the VLCi database to design applications aimed at improving local public and municipal services.