Telefónica will collaborate with Sao Paulo Polytechnic University to develop Smart Cities

Telefónica has signed a collaboration agreement with the São Paulo Polytechnic School (USP), in which the Madrid Polytechnic University will also participate (UPM), to develop Smart City pilot projects. This is the first time a smart cities development agreement has been signed with an educational centre in Latin America. 

The agreement predicts for the first quarter of 2015 the creation of a laboratory that develops and implements pilot projects regarding Smart Cities. At first, they will be focused on offering solutions in the field of public street lighting, and later it will broaden to cover management and sustainability in the areas of security and energy. All the pilot projects will have the Telefónica developed IoT platform as a foundation for the Smart Cities management.

This alliance joins other Smart Cities initiatives Telefónica has already launched, for example:

• ‘Projeto Cidade Digital’ [Digital City Project]: a project in the town of Aguas de San Pedro (Sao Paulo) in which Telefónica has invested close to 2 million dollars and whose goal is modernisation and globalisation of public services. ‘Projeto Cidade Digital’ will serve as the model for launching similar projects in other regions of Brazil. The transformation process is at its peak and goes beyond simply modernising voice and connectivity services, as it also includes the deployment of 20 different digital solutions in areas such as education, health, and public administration.

Proyecto SmartSantander: a project launched in 2010 the city of Santander (Spain), which relied on the participation 25 organisations from 10 countries and in which 20,000 sensors were installed for services related to parking, air quality, lighting, and traffic surveillance. Since then, the ‘Smart Santander’ project has provided as a testing ground for the investigation and development of architecture, technologies, services, and applications within the context of a smart city.