Sinfonier Project

Telefónica has launched Sinfonier, an environment of open and collaborative work with real-time framework, which is a new way of communication between organizations, companies and specialists in cybersecurity because it facilitates agents in the field of security creating your own digital intelligence.

Sinfonier provides a human cloud of analysts with a secure and open environment, to graphically build high-level Apache Storm topologies, and execute and share them for a definable period of time.

Why Sinfonier

In today’s world we are consuming an ever-increasing variety of volatile data streams for processing and analysis.
Integrating and using new or modified streams of data is a time-consuming and complex process requiring a different tool at each stage of data capture, processing, analysis, and storage. A solution is needed which simplifies and automates integration of open source data in applications, and allows developers to share integration algorithms across the community.

Sinfonier Community

Never in the history of the world has so much information been available at our fingertips. Yet taking advantage of this ever-increasing amount of information is hampered by the lack of dynamic and user-friendly technologies that provide real-time processing capabilities, a serious handicap in a business where time is always critical. Cooperation and sharing is the best way to tackle this massive and complex problem, so Sinfonier is the community for security researchers, developers, intelligence analysts or just for security enthusiasts…

Sinfonier is a place where share knowledge, share resources, perform researchers or come up with new and innovative solutions to big data problems. Sinfonier puts at disposal of its community the ability to collect information from multiple sources, process it and enrich it in a continuous and dynamic way. It will be up to the users, to provide the algorithms with content in the form of topologies and get the most out of this information.

Sinfonier Community is specifically built to satisfy the needs and curiosities of the following technical profiles: Intelligence analyst, Security researchers, Developers, however every person with interest and curiosity about in the security field is welcome in the Community. Tthanks to the community, users can reuse modules developed by other Sinfonier members, thereby facilitating the task to professionals with less technical expertise.

Telefónica is recently been showcasing Sinfonier in Madrid (RootedCON) and Mexico (Campus Party Guadalajara) resulting in high levels of interest.

A little more about Sinfonier.