MiríadaX has become the most important online education platform in the Spanish-speaking world.

MiríadaX is an e-learning platform promoted by Banco Santander and Telefónica, which after only a year and a half of activity, has become the second MOOC platform in the world and the most important in the Spanish-speaking world.


MiríadaX is based on collaborative learning and free use of both educational resources and innovative technologies. Its courses are open to anyone, independent of educational level, and without having to belong to any specific university. Therefore, MiríadaX offers the opportunity to anyone interested in broadening their knowledge to easily and freely register for any of their courses.

In two and a half years of activity, MiríadaX:

• offers free higher education, open to a potential 600 million Spanish and Portuguese-speaking people

• has 700,000 students (1,624,356 registrations) and a passing rat of more than 23% (a much higher percentage than that of other educational platforms)

• has published 229 courses from 51 Ibero-American universities.

• has a community of over 1000 professors.

At Telefónica, in addition to promoting collaboration between different sectors to benefit open education with projects like MiríadaX, we also try to improve the quality of education by implementing quality pedagogical models, professor training, and educational and cultural exchange. One example of our programs is Think Big School (we have committed to teaching digital knowledge to 50,000 students through our Think Big School programs), Telefónica  Learning Services, Aulas Fundación Telefónica, and Labs Fundación Telefónica, among others.