The Neokami start-up: another Wayra success

The start-up Neokami, regarding artificial intelligence, accelerated at the Germany Wayraacademy, accelerator of Telefónica Open Future_, acquired 1.1 million dollars in a round of investments.

The Neokami objective is to better understand the world through artificial intelligence. To do so, it has developed a series of potent self-learning algorithms that allows companies and society to transform the focus of diverse issues, such as the search for petrol, services to better understand clients, or giving detailed health information to a patient.

Neokami began as a simple yet transcendent idea: create the first real-time thermal map of emotions in the world. This prototype, connected to Neokami artificial intelligence technology, and combined with the Twitter feelings analysis, enabled understanding of emotions according to geography and topic.

Neokami has already collaborated with Telefónica Germany and Airbus, supplying integral automatic learning services to both organisations. Other successful Wayra start-ups are “Tappx” and “thethings.iO”, accelerated in the Wayra academy in Barcelona; “Plaza Points” and “Cinepapaya”, accelerated by Wayra Peru; or “Pocket Explorers” and “Yoyo wallet”, accelerated by Wayra UK, among others.

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