The Internet of Things: Telefónica develops new smart buttons with Seur and Cabify

As we already discussed in a previous case study, Telefónica continues to bet on smart buttons and just this week, Telefónica I+D presented its most recent smart buttons, developed together with SEUR and Cabify.

In the case of Seur, the OneClick solution allows clients to make automatic collection orders using just one click, simplifying the process, as with a single button press, the system generates the collection order for packages. This solution will be available for company clients, both large and SMEs, that use standardised services and that have frequent collection requests.

Similarly, clients that wish to request a vehicle through Cabify will also experience a simplified process. With the button, they will be able to choose their type of vehicle from within the available company catalogue, as well as print the ticket with the drivers name and telephone number, car model, and license plate they have been assigned, all with the same button.

These smart buttons are 100% independent and do not need any smartphone or PC to work, thanks to their integrated SIMs. This greatly simplifies use since the user does not need to configure their device to connect to WiFi or other device: they simply work. As well, the Telefónica I+D smart buttons, with their global SIMs, work anywhere in the world, which facilitates device implementation processes in large multinational and national companies.