How ICTs boost social mobility: The GoThinkBig program

How ICTs boost social mobility: The GoThinkBig program

Telefónica UK have been named as ‘Social Mobility Business Compact Champions’ after only two years of the launch of GoThinkBig, a Telefónica program that aims to help 16-24 year olds get their foot on the career ladder through a site of helpful tips, online tools, advice and thousands of job opportunities.

The Social Mobility Business Compact was set up by the Deputy Prime Minister of the UK in 2011 to ensure that all young people have fair and open access to employment opportunities; and Telefónica UK were one of the first signatories.

The Compact calls on businesses to:

• raise aspirations in local schools and communities by offering mentoring, talks and other career and skills based activities

• ensure fair access to work experience and internship opportunities by paying the national minimum wage where appropriate or otherwise reasonable expenses

• recruit openly and fairly, advertising opportunities instead of using informal networks

On our side, GoThinkBig aims to create 30,000 job experiences for 16-24 years old in 2012, 2013 and 2015. Many of these job experiences are taking place in Telefónica UK, under the umbrella of Talentum, Think Big Youth or “Think Big Skills Days”.

In addition, we are working to engage additional partners with GoThinkBig, making Telefónica a more accessible place for young people to work, and joining our fellow champions to share best practice and lead other companies.