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A Manifesto for a New Digital Deal Towards a human-centric digitalisation


Public Policy

We want that our customers enjoy an open and safe Internet experience

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Public policy in Telefónica

Internet access

Acceso a Internet

Access to communications, the Internet, and digital services is an essential foundation for the the development of the digital economy.

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Open Agenda

Apertura Digital

An open Internet and open systems will enwude that the benefits are shared widely and that control is not concentrated amongst a priviledged few.

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Digital Confidence

Confianza Digital

Consumer trust and confidence in digital environments, based on security, safety and digital literacy, is vital for the digital economy to realise its full potential.

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Digital Transformation

Políticas Digitales

The digital transformation is a powerful enabler for economic growth, productivity, and job creation.

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Digital Policies

Publicaciones y Consultas

The digital economy is a rapidly developing environment for which regulation must be updated and adapted to be effective.

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IGF Berlín 2019Pacific Alliance Summit

Berlin (Germany)

25-29 November

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Futurecom 2019Futurecom 2019

 Sao Paulo (Brasil)

 28-31 October

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 Madrid (Spain)

 21-22 October



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