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Public Policy Blog

Debates and opinions on issues related to Internet and digital economy


Digital Manifesto

The possibilities of technology should be available to everyone

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Public Policy

We want that our customers enjoy an open and safe Internet experience

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Public policy in Telefónica

A Digital Manifesto

Our Digital Manifesto is our vision for the development of the digital world.

It sets out 10 key reccomendations for public policy initiatives that would improve people’s experience in the digital world by connecting everyone to an open and safe Internet.

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Public Policy Blog

Our Public Policy Blog publishes news, opinion and debates about the big public policy issues related to the Internet, digital economy and society.

Your views are important, so please join the debates!

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Public Positioning

Internet access

Acceso a Internet

Access to communications, the Internet, and digital services is an essential foundation for the the development of the digital economy.

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Open Agenda

Apertura Digital

An open Internet and open systems will enwude that the benefits are shared widely and that control is not concentrated amongst a priviledged few.

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Digital Confidence

Confianza Digital

Consumer trust and confidence in digital environments, based on security, safety and digital literacy, is vital for the digital economy to realise its full potential.

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Innovación y Crecimiento

Our significant commitment to innovation has led to the creation of many new digital services and the establishment of thousands of new start-up businesses.

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Economic Growth

Políticas Digitales

The digital economy is a powerful enabler for economic growth, productivity, and job creation.

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Digital Policies

Publicaciones y Consultas

The digital economy is a rapidly developing environment for which regulation must be updated and adapted to be effective.

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Success Stories

Discover in detail all successful cases viewed in relation to our public policies.

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Don’t miss our various publications on the subject of the digital economy and society.

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Watch videos of our public events and related initiatives.

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Public Consulting

Here are our answers to public consultations.

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Meet the associations and entities Public Policy collaborate with

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Index on Digital Life

The ‘Telefonica Index on Digital Life’ has revealed that the strength of digital life varies strongly across the world


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