Telefónica promotes the reactivation of post Covid activity with IoT and Big Data solutions

  • Telefónica Tech's IoT/Big Data unit has added new solutions and adapted part of its offer to the needs arising from Covid-19
  • They support all types of companies and organizations to ensure the safe reactivation of public spaces subject to regulations as a result of the pandemic and to understand the new patterns of user behaviour and mobility

Madrid, 27th July 2020.- Telefónica Tech's IoT/Big Data unit has added new solutions using these technologies and adapted part of its existing catalogue to help companies and all kinds of organizations to reactivate their activity, while facing the consequences of Covid-19.  These solutions guarantee the adaptation of all types of public spaces to the health and safety measures established by the health authorities and also help to understand the new consumption and mobility patterns in the so-called new normality. 

"Our mission has always been to promote the digitalization of companies and organizations so that, by using technology, they are more efficient and competitive. The current situation, a product of the Covid-19 pandemic, has brought about a sudden paradigm shift, digital transformations have increased exponentially and technology will now play an even more fundamental role in dealing with this complex situation," explains Gonzalo Martín-Villa, global director of IoT and Big Data at Telefónica Tech. "With these solutions we want to help them reconnect with the new normality and quickly recover their activity, not only complying with security regulations but also helping them to correctly understand the behaviour of users who, after months of confinement, have had to adapt to a new reality in order to make better data-based decisions".  

The Retail Recovery solution allows us to understand the evolution of mobility applied both to this sector and to those where customer service or sales points are essential, whether they are bank branches, petrol stations, supermarkets, pharmacies, distribution chains or department stores. The information given helps the client, for example, to adapt the product offer to its customers because it understands the profile of the people who pass through its space, stand to look through the window, and enter the store. In other words, you could tailor the window display to the interests of your target audience (e.g. women aged 30-45) and perhaps adapt the signage to their native language. The solution also helps the client not only to understand the new mobility patterns of users, but also to compare that mobility and the behaviour of potential customers from different periods in time: before the Covid (or pre-confinement), during and Post Covid or the new normality stage to be able to change their strategy.

Covid Compliance helps to create Covid Free spaces that comply with health regulations thanks to the use of contact-free IoT disinfectant gel dispensers and the real-time monitoring of the occupation of all types of public spaces. This is possible thanks to the data collected by the capacity management system located at access points that alert in the event of approaching the authorized capacity limit. As a result, a safe experience can be provided to both customers and employees.

Telefónica Tech's IoT/Big Data unit has adapted its Big Data & AI Assessment solution to analyse the maturity of different areas of an organization in terms of its Data management and Big Data implementation capabilities at a strategic, technological, organizational and process level managers receive detailed information in the short and/or long term of the actions needed to consolidate the digital transformation of the organization driven by data-based decisions and, in the case of technological capabilities, the consolidation of the existing solutions for working with Big Data and AI, both for on-site infrastructures and cloud in order to optimize their processes.

Finally, Customer Discovery relies on a social listening solution to access in real time the opinions expressed by users on the Internet, whether in social networks, digital media, forums or blogs to find out the reputation of the client's brand. A dashboard that allows you to understand first-hand the end user and to make business decisions based on those opinions.

In addition to retail, all these solutions are applicable to multiple sectors such as tourism, hotels, transport, and mobility. If you want to know more:


About Telefónica Tech

IoT-Big Data is one of the digital services offered by Telefonica that has recently been integrated, along with cloud and cyber security, into Telefonica Tech, a new unit that brings together these three businesses with high growth potential to accompany its customers in their digital transformation. At the end of 2019, Telefónica managed 23.8 million IoT connections worldwide.


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