Telefónica contributes to reforesting a wood in Palencia with BMC Software

  • The company has transformed Telefónica’s projects on the IT service management platform, BMC Helix, into ecological impacts.
  • Thanks to this initiative, in which Reforest’Action is also participating, to date, 300 trees have been planted in Santervas de la Vega. Forty-five tons of CO2 will be stored over the next 30 years and shelter will be made for 900 animals.


Telefónica, along with BMC Software, a world leader in IT solutions for digital enterprises, has announced that it is using the BMC Helix platform for its Telefónica Global Solutions (TGS) and Telefónica Tech business areas, and in its Telefónica Empresas ‘Tu Experto Tecnológico’ (Telefónica Enterprises ‘Your Technology Expert’) service. The use of this technological platform by the operator has grown into an environmental initiative to restore ecosystems in collaboration with the company Reforest’Action.

Through BMC’s ‘Green Initiative’ program, whose objective is to plant 7,500 trees on the entire planet, Reforest’Action will plant 300 in the Santervas de la Vega forest in Palencia, with more than 4,000 square kilometers. This will contribute to the provision of shelter for 900 animals and will avoid the emission of 45 tons of carbon dioxide, which will be stored for more than 30 years. The reforestation efforts, through the planting of oak, chestnut, wild cherry and alder trees, will make it possible to create a dynamic forest on this land that was devastated by two fires in 2015 and 2016.

According to Andrés López Hedoire, business product marketing director at Telefónica España, this project, in which all Telefónica customers that contract services using BMC Helix will be included, shows that at the operator, “We continue to be entirely committed to the environment.” He added: “For several years now, we have worked to develop an economy that contributes to the sustainability of our operations, customers and cities, and that’s why, in 2019, we launched a seal, called EcoSmart, that translates into numbers the decrease in environmental impact and the contribution to the circular economy of a range of Telefónica solutions and services. But we are aware that this is a task that is up to everyone. For that reason, we wanted to become involved in the proposal from BMC Software and the French company Reforest’Action.”

The business areas of Telefónica are using BMC’s technology for their 24X7 employee portal, which allows them to offer the users a personalized and simple experience with multi-device access, allowing employees to make queries from anywhere, without depending on a physical location, and facilitating traceability of the incidents, which results in better diagnosis of the problem queried.

The cloud service ‘Tu Experto Tecnológico’ (‘Your Technology Expert’) helps with the digitalization of small and medium businesses, offering them special support focused on incidents and queries related to job roles that function on the BMC Helix platform.

BMC Helix is the leading market space solution in IT service management platforms, since it allows organizations to digitize and automate their processes, as well as to manage service delivery from end point to end point, both for employees of the company and their customers.

Reforest’Action is a French company founded in 2010 and certified as a B Corporation. It has a unique model of crowdplanting that has financed more than 10 million trees in 25 countries, thanks to the commitment of 2,000 companies and 200,000 individuals. BMC and Reforest’Action have joined forces to plant trees based on the use of the platform by customers in a series of previously established milestones. This approach is focused on reducing CO2 emissions, developing carbon sinks, preserving the habitat of animal species in danger of extinction, and creating job positions for local populations.


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