1. Start small, aim big: Decreasing upfront risks with finer project granularity

2. Iterate fast: Early experimentation and prototyping. Early market testing. Early scaling down.

3. Fail fast & learn: Minimizing the cost of failure. Performance review based on the learnings and experimentation results.



This methodology allows us to be more efficient by managing portfolio and quickly identifying the less promising projects while being a reference in innovation.

In 2012 we redefined out innovation model, turning our projects in internal startups and making the Lean Startups methodology into our working philosophy. At the same time, we also started launching our “Innovation Calls”, where our team can present their ideas, and have the chance, if they’re selected, to put 100% of their time into developing them, becoming intrapreneurs.

Lean Elephants has become in a reference within the intrapreneurship sphere, as well as a study case in the Lean Startup world, since these changes have allowed us to be twice as fast innovating as we used to be.