E-commerce solutions for the management of the supply chain of purchases

Telefónica has implemented e-commerce solutions with the objective of automatizing all the processes related to the Procurement and Supply Chain

These tools, of which we highlight the main ones, cover all the processes since the request of offers, negotiation, formalization of the commitments with the suppliers up to the management of the supply (orders, receptions and invoices)


Advantages of the use of e-commerce tools

  • Greater efficiency and efficacy in the process, due to the simplification and the reduction of administrative tasks and reduction of errors
  • Agility and security ein the exchange of information. More guarantees that the documents and information are received in due course and by the channel expected
  • Access to an attractive virtual market where the buyers could be all Telefonica Group companies
  • Guarantee of negotiations in a transparent environment, ensuring equal opportunities to all suppliers and fostering competitiveness
  • Contributes to the fulfilment of the commitments acquired, either orders, catalogues, invoices or formalization of contracts



It is a e-commerce platform that using Internet as a communication channel, allows:

  • The management of bids and negotiations by the Group company buyers with the suppliers.
  • Executing and managing all types of purchase auctions.
  • Delivery of electronic offers by the suppliers



Electronic platform that manages the orders with Telefonica suppliers:

  • It allows the generation and delivery of POs and orders to the suppliers, on catalogues previously negotiated by the Purchasing Department. Automatic delivery to the suppliers.
  • It allows the acceptation of goods and the submitment of an electronic delivery note



Electronic tool to formalize the purchase agreements with Telefonica, that allows:

  • Creation of contracts and awarding letters, from models previously established and validated by the legal área
  • Revision and validation of the formalization documents with approval flows in which all the involved areas take part, including the supplier
  • Electronic signature of the agreements



Electronic tool for the management of invoicing with suppliers

  • The supplier introduces its invoice by accessing e-Marketplace of Adquira via Internet.
  • The invoice is automatically created with the same information as the electronic order and only for the goods or services received by the customer. It is only needed to introduce the invoice number and sign it. The invoice can also be created if the order was not effectuated electronically, and in this case all the information has to be completed by the supplier.