What we buy?

The products and services purchased by Telefonica are gathered in six Global Categories:



  • Fixed and Mobile Networks
  • Basic Networks and Transport
  • Network platform and services
  • Maintenance and general operation of networks and platforms


Service and works

  • Telecommunication services, Rent of telecommunication service, deployment of base stations
  • Real estate(construction and maintenance)
  • External services (Energy, travel agencies), Telemarketing and Teleoperations
  • Integral services, logistic, specialized support and consultancy services


B2B/B2C Solutions

  • Outside plant (FO and copper cables and Passive Elements)
  • Modem, xDSL, FTTH, 3G/4 or any fixed/mobile access
  • STB Video for DTH, cable o IP, and accessories (antennas, smart cards and remote controls)
  • Enterprise/MNCs devices, since Routers and company Switches, Voice commutation, WLAN, Security, and videoconference terminals
  • Call centers for Enterprise/MNCs
  • SIM cards (M2M and NFC)



  • Applications, development and maintenance: BI, ERP, BSS, digital Services, Mobile, Avatar; Quality and Test assurance, process design, architecture, SOA, Project Management Office.
  • Data Centre & Workplace: Datacenter equipment (servers and storage –HW and maintenance) and workplace(HW& SW).
  • Infrastructure services: Assistance services and services in the workplace, DC Operating services, Application services, IT Professional and transformation services, security services
  • Software: SW Licenses for Systems of Management of the Company.


Advertising and Marketing

  • Inversion in Media, Agencies, External Graphic Production and audiovisual production
  • Events, Relational and promotional marketing gifts.
  • Studies (Global, Market, Business analysis, Communication, Advertising, Brand and Organization)
  • Development and Design of Point of Sale, Prototypes of interior and exterior signage and Commercial Furniture



  • Cellphones and accessories (GSM / UMTS / LTE and Tablets; and cellular CDMA)
  • Other cellular equipment (Devices for mobile connection (PCMCIA, Modem USB...); Mobile devices (leasing and Financial Services) and other Cellular network equipment (Devices and Cellular fixed bases, Movistar Enlace, transceivers…)