What we buy?

The products and services purchased by Telefonica are gathered in six Global Categories:



  • Fixed and Mobile Access Networks
  • Transport networks: equipment and installation services of DWDM, Radio links, IP
  • Core Networks (Circuit and packet Core, Traditional (BAREMETAL) and Virtual (UNICA)). Signalling Platforms
  • Video, IoT, Value Added and Unified Customer Communication Platforms
  • Automation Platforms and Network Configuration Platforms
  • Site Maintenance Services, Network Operation Centres, Service Operations Centre, Level 2 and 3 Support, OSS, Custom Management Centres and Network Optimization Services
  • Client Loop and FTTH deployment. Construction and Maintenance of External Plant
  • Network Infrastructure Equipment: energy, antennas, repeaters, satellite, submarine cable and synchronism.


Service and works

  • Telecommunications Infrastructure Rental (Towers, Datacentres, terrestrial, submarine and satellite capacity)
  • Deployment of Base Stations
  • Buildings (constructions and maintenance)
  • External Services (energy, travel agencies), Telemarketing and Teleoperation
  • Integral Services, Logistics, Specialized Support and Consulting Services.



  • External Plant Materials (cables, passive elements...)
  • Home devices fixed and mobile access (Fixed Wireless 3G / 4G / 5G)
  • Video STBs and associated elements (e.g. remote controls)
  • HW&SW Infrastructure and Services for B2B Segment
  • HW&SW Infrastructure for Call Centres
  • SIM cards and their evolution (eSIM, iSIM, ...)
  • Relationship with Strategic Partners of the Group (Procurement as a Service).



  • Software licenses, maintenance and SaaS: operating systems, virtualization, databases and middleware, security, business systems, workstation and IT management tools
  • Hardware equipment for computing, storage, backup and micro computing
  • IaaS and PaaS
  • Professional services for managing the cloud, applications, infrastructure and workplace life-cycles: Architecture, Design, Development, Testing, Transformation, Maintenance, Operation and Security.


Advertising and Marketing

  • Media Investment: negotiation and purchase of Traditional and Digital advertising Media, Media Performance Marketing, Central Media Remuneration
  • Remuneration of Agencies: Advertising, Marketing Services, Digital Services and Public Relations, Digital Marketing Tools, Brand, Global Tools for Advertising, Marketing and Brand
  • Production: Outdoor Graphics, Audio-visual, Relational Marketing Graphics, Promotional, Events and Point of Sale
  • Research: Global Studies, Communication, Advertising, Brand and Organization, Business Analysis, Multi-client, Products and Services, Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Mystery Shopper, Media Measurement
  • Events and Event Remuneration: Event Agency Remuneration, Promotional Agencies, Fairs and Exploitation of Sponsorships, Events.



  • Cell Phones and Accessories (GSM / UMTS / LTE / 5G) and other similar large screen connected devices (also via Wi-Fi)
  • Second-hand Devices
  • Equipment under leasing conditions or under other financial alternatives
  • Other Connected Devices (USB modems, fixed wireless phones and terminals, wearables, VR, drones ...).