Telefónica Tech partners with McAfee to protect customers online

• The two companies reach a multi-year collaboration agreement that will enable Telefónica Tech to integrate the McAfee Multi Access product into its portfolio and provide its customers in EMEA and Latin America with a robust device-based security proposition, including identity and privacy protection.

protect customers online

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Telefónica Tech, Telefónica’s strategic digital business unit, has reached a multi-year collaboration agreement with McAfee Corp, the world leader in online protection, to integrate the American company’s online protection products into its portfolio and strengthen its cybersecurity value proposition aimed at the self-employed and consumers in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and Latin America.

Through this collaboration agreement, Telefónica Tech integrates the new McAfee Multi Access into its portfolio to provide its customers with more comprehensive protection based on device security. McAfee Multi Access is a cybersecurity product that is an evolution of traditional anti-virus, offering more personal protection that specifically includes user identity and privacy protection, as well as more advanced security features. All of this is designed to protect online customers on any device, through a seamlessly integrated and unified user experience.

Identity protection monitors for security breaches that cause user information to leak out onto the dark web, from where it could be subject to potential fraud attempts. On the other hand, privacy protection involves deploying a VPN that applies bank-grade encryption to all traffic moving to and from the device to ensure the user’s privacy on public or surveilled networks.

“At Telefónica Tech we understand that there is no digitalisation without cyber security and that is why we continue to evolve our products to offer customers the best protection. This partnership with McAfee allows us to evolve our device-based security offering towards a more personal model that covers all aspects of a user’s digital life and embraces new ways to protect customers’ identity and privacy”, said María Jesús Almazor, CEO of Cybersecurity and Cloud at Telefónica Tech.

“This partnership reflects the need and value of comprehensive online protection solutions, and benefits millions of consumers looking for even better protection on their home or office PC, laptop or mobile device”, said Gagan Singh, executive vice president, chief product and revenue officer at McAfee. “More than 40% of people reported they believe risks related to online privacy and access to their personal and financial information had increased in the last year due to the accelerated switch to digital. Our portfolio of products enables Telefónica Tech to provide greater privacy, identity and security to consumers and their families when they need it most,” he adds.

McAfee’s ‘Global Trends 2022’ study revealed that consumers now want to invest more in protecting themselves and their families online from online threats. It also reveals that less than half of parents believe their children are fully protected on all their devices, and fewer respondents believe their family members are sufficiently educated about security and practice safe online behaviours. The study also showed that consumers are increasingly opting for full security protection over other benefits such as convenience and cost.


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