Telefónica Tech leads in IoT management, according to Kaleido Intelligence

• Telefónica Tech has its managed connectivity platform Kite, which supports all cellular technologies and has new security measures to offer value-added services and the ability to detect potential incidents.
• Kaleido also highlights Telefónica Tech's role in the development of private networks.

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Kaleido Intelligence has recognised Telefónica Tech as a leader in IoT connectivity management thanks to the potential of its Kite platform and its ability to integrate different technologies to offer value-added services. The analyst firm also rated Telefónica Tech as a leader in the development of private connectivity networks.

Telefónica Tech’s Kite platform allows companies and organisations to manage the connectivity of their devices in real time and monitor it remotely from software hosted in the cloud. In addition, Kite is compatible with both traditional cellular connectivity and new IoT connectivity technologies, such as narrowband (NB-IoT), LTE-M and 5G.

Kaleido Intelligence highlights that Telefónica Tech has developed a version of Kite aimed at improving the user experience, making it easier for customers, and that it has incorporated new security measures to protect the IoT environment from potential fraudulent use.

Telefónica Tech has used machine learning to know and analyse the behaviour of the devices based on various variables, such as consumption, connection frequency and session duration, with the aim of detecting potential incidents and anomalies in the devices.

The analyst firm Kaleido Intelligence has also highlighted Telefónica Tech as a leader in the field of private networks, after analysing almost fifty companies and evaluating the excellence of its products, its innovation, its readiness to solve problems and its ability to align with current market needs and future demands. Telefónica Tech offers a range of private network services including network development and design, as well as consultancy services to help companies and organisations deploy the most appropriate solution according to their business needs.

Juan José González Menaya, head of connectivity and IoT devices at Telefónica Tech, says: “The number of connected devices has grown at a rapid pace in recent years and a massive deployment is expected in the future, where practically all objects will be permanently connected. Having the best IoT connectivity management platform is (and will be) essential to ensure the proper functioning and convert that data into useful and valuable information to make better business decisions. Our Kite platform is prepared to work with different connectivities and in secure environments thanks to the application of technologies such as machine learning that allow us to detect potential incidents and anomalies in the network”.


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