Telefónica Tech launches ‘NextDefense’ to protect large enterprises from cyber-attacks

Telefónica Tech launches globally a next-generation cybersecurity services brand, called 'NextDefense', to provide large enterprises with a modern, effective, and intelligent detection and response capability against cyber-attacks.

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  • This new brand of advanced cybersecurity services features Managed Detection and Response, Vulnerability Risk Management and Cyber Threat Intelligence solutions.
  • Their implementation will enable organizations to control the risk of cyber-attacks while reducing the necessary expenditure and protecting their business.

Madrid, March 17, 2021. Telefónica Tech launches globally a next-generation cybersecurity services brand, called ‘NextDefense’, to provide large enterprises with a modern, effective, and intelligent detection and response capability against cyber-attacks.

NextDefense unifies and extends the security solutions offered to date to address the sophisticated cyber-attacks of the new post-COVID-19 era. It integrates Vulnerability Risk Management, Cyber Threat Intelligence and Managed Detection and Response into a single solution. Telefónica Tech offers these services in NextDefense with the support of the company’s global cybersecurity operations center, which now has 11 locations worldwide and has expanded its talent in recent months with the addition of a new team with expertise in malware analysis, threat intelligence, threat hunting, incident response, forensics and vulnerability analysis.

Faced with the record number of vulnerabilities reached in 2020 for the fourth consecutive year, Telefónica Tech’s NextDefense has a Vulnerability Risk Management solution that allows organizations’ critical assets to be analyzed by automatic scanning to detect possible threats, to know their level of exposure to them and to be able to prioritize the correction of the most urgent ones.

In cases where technology is not enough, NextDefense has an expert team of vulnerability experts in charge of providing more in-depth analyses, thanks to the new Pentesting and Security Assessment services, and the Red Team Service. The team of analysts discovers critical vulnerabilities and risks in order to prioritize them according to their impact. In addition, the Pentesting and Security Assessment service enables compliance with regulations and industry standards, and keeps executive management informed about the overall risk level of the organization.

The Red Team is a team that provides organizations with the validation of their resilience to real attack scenarios, as well as training their defense, with the advantage of doing so in a controlled and constructive way, through simulations of attacks against people, software, hardware and infrastructure, from the perspective of cybercriminals.

In addition, NextDefense also has highly specialized Threat Intelligence teams to improve protection, detection and response to cyber-attacks. The Threat Intelligence solution included in NextDefense provides insight into the intent, motives and capabilities of cybercriminals and aims to help companies understand their digital risks, providing strategic advantage and situational awareness for better identification and anticipation of them.

Telefónica Tech takes a key step in its cybersecurity proposition by designing a comprehensive product in which Managed Security Services (MSS) evolve to more advanced Managed Detection and Response (MDR) controls. In this sense, Telefónica Tech offers the Managed Detection and Response service, which unites in a single subscription the most advanced endpoint technologies and security operations necessary to detect and respond quickly to any threat. It incorporates the knowledge and experience of Telefónica Tech’s intelligence analysts to proactively search for undetected threats and monitor them 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and, thanks to the Incident Response and Forensic Analysis service, expert assistance for the management of complex incidents and crises is always available.

NextDefense’s services will help organizations significantly reduce the risk of a cyber-attack, control the cost of their security operations and technologies, and increase the maturity of their cybersecurity defenses by providing comprehensive threat detection and anticipation analytics that enable the deployment of rapid and effective responses.

According to Alberto Sempere, Cybersecurity Product Manager at Telefónica Tech, “companies must make a firm commitment to cybersecurity by relying on partners with the best operational and technical capacity. Otherwise the rapid digitization they are all undergoing will inevitably lead into a security breach at some point, with potentially disastrous economic and reputational impact. Our experience and expertise in cybersecurity allows us to deliver NextDefense services on a turnkey basis, but also through customized solutions in the case of organizations that already have greater security maturity.”

Telefónica Tech, Telefónica’s holding company that integrates the Cybersecurity, Cloud and IoT&Big Data businesses, continued to grow in double digits in 2020 thanks to the increasing demand for these digital services during the pandemic. Specifically, its revenues increased by 13.6% last year, almost tripling market growth.

About Telefónica Tech  
Telefónica Tech is a key holding of the Telefónica Group. The company offers a wide range of integrated technology services and solutions in Cyber Security, Cloud, IoT, Big Data and Blockchain. Telefónica Tech’s capabilities reach more than 300,000 customers in 175 countries every day.


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