Telefónica Tech incorporates Alejandro Ramos as ‘country manager’ of Brazil

• With more than twenty years of experience in cybersecurity, Ramos will strengthen Telefónica Tech's capabilities in the Americas, playing a key role in the provision of advanced protection services to organisations.
• Telefónica Tech has a team of more than 300 professionals in Brazil, who work in coordination with the more than 6,200 professionals that make up Telefónica Tech worldwide, and with a Security Operations Centre from where the security of customers is ensured.

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Telefónica Tech has hired Alejandro Ramos, a renowned cybersecurity expert who was part of Telefónica between 2016 and April 2023, to take on the role of country manager of the technology company in Brazil. With this signing, Telefónica Tech continues to strengthen its capabilities in the Americas to consolidate its position as a key player in the digital transformation of local organisations and a benchmark in the provision of cyber security services.

Alejandro Ramos has more than twenty years of experience in the world of cybersecurity. After starting his professional career at SIA International and ING Spain and Portugal, Ramos was part of the Telefónica team between 2016 and April 2023 holding various positions of responsibility. Among them, he was CISO and in 2019 he joined the newly created Telefónica Tech as global director of cyber security operations. Now, after a period at El Corte Inglés as CISO, he returns to Telefónica Tech to embark from January on an international project in one of the Group’s main countries, Brazil.

In his new position, Alejandro Ramos will play a key role in the provision of advanced cyber security services for global customers, thanks to his experience and the company’s resources in this area.

Telefónica Tech has more than 300 professionals in Brazil who work in coordination with the more than 6,200 that make up the global team. Of these, 5,500 are cyber security and cloud operations professionals who respond to alerts and security events to protect organisations. In addition, Telefónica Tech has a Security Operations Center (SOC) at Vivo’s facilities in Brazil, from where organisations are monitored and protected 24 hours a day, every day of the week, as well as a Digital Operations Center (DOC) with locations in Madrid and Colombia to provide cyber security services during extended hours on both sides of the Atlantic.

“Returning to Telefónica Tech is to return to the centre of cyber security at an international level and to be where it all happens. The cyber security market in Brazil offers enormous growth potential due to the increased digitalisation of its organisations and the growing volume of global cyber-attacks. Having solid cyber security measures and expert advice is essential for organisations to be able to face their digital transformation with the best possible protection,” said Alejandro Ramos, new country manager of Telefónica Tech in Brazil.

In Brazil, Telefónica Tech develops technological solutions for the corporate segment, which it markets in the country through Vivo. It offers cloud solutions to migrate workloads to the cloud, IoT technology to connect devices, advanced analytics to extract the maximum value from the data obtained and cyber security services adapted to the needs and sizes of local organisations (‘NextDefense’ for large companies and ‘Tu Empresa Segura’ for SMEs).


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