Telefónica Tech includes Blockchain in production of Castillo de Canena

• The technology creates digital labels for each bottle of oil so that the consumer can reliably know all the information about the production process of the product purchased.
• With the adoption of Blockchain technology, Castillo de Canena demonstrates its commitment to digitalization and innovation in the olive sector, boosting brand reputation, reinforcing security and offering the end customer complete verification of the entire agricultural process.

Bottle with QR code to consult the traceability of the product with Blockchain

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Castillo de Canena has relied on Telefónica Tech‘s Blockchain technology to provide the end consumer with information on the traceability of the oil production process. The company from Jaén (Spain) uses TrustOS, Telefónica Tech’s managed Blockchain platform, to guarantee the quality, safety and authenticity of its extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) to the end consumer, and fight against fraud in food and consumer goods.

The Castillo de Canena bottles, which consumers will find at their usual point of sale, will incorporate digital labels so that the customer can access all the relevant information on the agricultural and industrial process of oil production through their device and thus have additional guarantees that the product purchased complies with the corresponding certifications and guarantees of origin. The first bottles to be labelled with the Blockchain technology will be those destined for the UK market and will subsequently be added to bottles in other countries.

The digital label is unique for each bottle and provides the complete history of the life cycle of the oil it contains: from the information relating to the bottles and batches, to the details of the harvesting, milling, filtering and inerting events at the mill. In this way, the customer can know, for example, the date on which the olive from which the oil he is buying was harvested and the geolocation of the plot and the farm where it was harvested.

Blockchain technology allows Castillo de Canena, as a pioneering company in the introduction of technology and the digital transformation of the olive sector, to increase control over the production process of its oils by creating ecosystems of trust where the information recorded is totally transparent and cannot be modified, altered or eliminated without leaving evidence of it. It also enhances brand reputation, reinforces security and offers the end customer complete verification of the entire agricultural process.

Rocío García Oroz, head of IT at Castillo de Canena, said: “In our continuous search for excellence, we are taking a step forward and relying on the technological improvement that Blockchain gives us to offer extra added value to the end consumer. It is the ideal moment to demonstrate our level of commitment to the customer, giving them the keys to our home, in the form of transparent traceability in real time”.

José Luis Núñez, head of the Blockchain business at Telefónica Tech, said: “Castillo de Canena is another example of how our TrustOs managed platform facilitates and simplifies the adoption of Blockchain for companies in any industry, even in sectors with little digitalisation such as agri-food production, and how our highly qualified teams support them in their digital transformation”.


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