Telefónica Tech consolidates its presence in the USA with the launch of its ‘Virtual Data Center’ service in Virginia

• The implementation of this new Virtual Data Center (VDC) node will allow Telefónica Tech to reinforce its virtual private cloud offer in the country and also provide a business activity recovery service to companies and help them avoid suffering an incident with loss of data and functionalities.
• Telefónica Tech has 12 Virtual Data Center nodes distributed globally in the USA (in the states of Virginia and Florida), Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Sevilla), Colombia (Bogota), Peru (Lima), Chile (Santiago), Argentina (Buenos Aires) and Brazil (Sao Paulo and Curitiba).
• VDC is Telefónica Tech's own Cloud service, based on VMWare technology, with the capacity to provide a hybrid service and facilitate customer migration to the cloud with cost optimisation.

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Telefónica Tech reinforces its presence in the USA and extends its ‘Virtual Data Center’ service in the country with the implementation of a new node in Ashburn (Virginia). This new infrastructure is added to the node that the company already operates in Miami (Florida) and the rest that it has distributed globally in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Sevilla), Colombia (Bogota), Peru (Lima), Chile (Santiago), Argentina (Buenos Aires) and Brazil (Sao Paulo and Curitiba).

VDC is Telefónica Tech’s self-managed Cloud, based on VMWare technology, which offers comprehensive communications and security services and enables companies to host applications in a secure environment. The VDC service allows hybrid environments to be created at a predictable cost from private clouds located in the customer’s own facilities (on premise) or from Telefónica’s own data centres.

The deployment of this second node in the USA will allow Telefónica Tech to reinforce its virtual private cloud service in the country with a complete offering that includes additional security tools. The VDC proposal includes a self-managed service to recover the activity of businesses that have lost data or functionalities as a result of a security incident (‘Disaster Recovery’), as well as backup mechanisms, access protection systems through Multifactor Authentication (MFA) and other security measures (anti-malware, firewall, intrusion prevention, among others).

“We have become the largest hub in Southern Europe thanks to our multi-cloud value proposition and we are convinced that Telefónica Tech will play a key role in the development of the Cloud and Cyber Security market in the USA. We have technological alliances with the main vendors in the sector and our own significant Cloud technology capabilities. In addition, we have a Digital Operations Centre (DOC) and eleven Security Operations Centres (SOCs) distributed around the world to protect companies and drive digital transformation in a secure way,” said María Jesús Almazor, CEO of Cybersecurity and Cloud at Telefónica Tech.

Telefónica Tech USA, headquartered in Miami, Florida, has been providing Cybersecurity and Cloud services in the USA since 2021. The support of Telefónica Tech’s global network of highly qualified professionals allows Telefónica Tech to provide operations 24 hours a day, every day of the year and to take advantage of existing opportunities in the USA, the world’s leading market for Cloud and Cyber Security businesses, with a size of 539 billion dollars and where North America represents 47% of the market.

Benefits of the VDC service

The VDC service was developed ten years ago at Telefónica with the aim of helping companies, regardless of their size and sector of activity, to migrate their workloads to the cloud in an easy, efficient and customisable way.

Companies that implement Telefónica Tech’s VDC service will benefit from a virtual infrastructure that works like a physical one, allowing them to allocate more or fewer resources, depending on their business needs, without having to purchase new equipment.

VDC provides a secure, flexible environment with the possibility of contracting pay-per-use models. In addition, it uses vCloud Director, which facilitates the conversion of physical environments such as storage, computing or networking into virtualised resources with great elasticity and managed from a single portal.

The VDC service is designed with high security standards, providing a secure environment for core business applications, as well as a flexible space with capabilities for creating virtual machines and containers for development, all managed from a single environment.


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