Telefónica presents in Chile one of the most modern Data Centers in Latin America, focused on reinforcing its offer to companies

It is interconnected to all Telefónica Global Network Data Centres. It will offer dedicated infrastructure services (Housing & Hosting), Virtual Infrastructure and Complete...

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  • It is interconnected to all Telefónica Global Network Data Centres.
  • It will offer dedicated infrastructure services (Housing & Hosting), Virtual Infrastructure and Complete Management.
  • It is located in Paine, just 40 Km from Santiago.

Santiago, May 27, 2016 – As part of its global strategy aimed at leading with the best services for companies, Telefónica presents in Chile one of the most modern Data Centres in Latin America. This new data centre is located in Paine, just 40 Km from Santiago, a strategic sector in terms of access and security. It will be part of the 83 interconnected Data Centres of the Telefónica Global Network.

The objective of the Data Centre global strategy is to have a network of state of the art strategic and satellite data centres connected between themselves for the purpose of providing total coverage to the needs (internal and external) of the company. In this way, Telefónica transfers the quality of its infrastructure to all the platforms and services that are housed in them.

This new Data Centre, the third in Chile, will become one of the strategic Data Centres for the Telefónica Group in the region, from which services such as Colocation, Hosting, IaaS, and Managed Services will be offered, interconnected to the operator’s global network of Data Centres (

Roberto Muñoz, General Manager of Telefónica in Chile indicates that “Telefónica is the company that processes the largest amount of information per second in Chile, and we are a company that knows about this. This is why we decided to gamble and enter the Cloud business with greater strength. Along this line, adding one of the most modern Data Centres in Latin America to our offer is going to allow us to reinforce our value proposal, making it even more attractive to our clients”. And he adds, “Information is central for the management of businesses; a company that loses information today may mean the loss of the business”.

The executive adds, “The investments we have made in the last several years have allowed us to offer a comprehensive and sustainable value proposal, with a business model that has a long-term view, allowing us to have a diversified offer of services at competitive prices for small, medium, and large companies”.

The 5,000 m2 building is located on a 30,000 m2 plot, 1,000 m2 of which are dedicated to white rooms available for the housing of client equipment and Telefónica Movistar Cloud services. In addition, the new Data Centre can triple its surface area to 3000 square meters, and multiply its kW capacity by three.

The centre has TIER III equivalence redundancy, and is endowed with the maximum possible security measures for this type of facility (24 hour a day guard surveillance, equipped with television cameras, accessed only with card and telemetry), and is prepared to supports earthquakes greater than 9 degrees.

With this Data Centre, Telefónica is the first company in Chile to offer local Open Cloud solutions. These 100% cloud solutions are based on OpenStack, a processing, storage, and connectivity system in the cloud that allows clients to manage it with a control panel, and also access users through a network interface.

With this new acquisition, the effort made by the company in the last several years in the Data Centre area is corroborated with the execution of very significant investments, understanding that the layer of infrastructures (Data Centre) must be the solid base on which the transformation of the company into an Onlife Telco is based, guaranteeing the reliability of the buildings and facilities where it runs the “core” of the business.

Telefónica Business Solutions

Thanks to the strategy defined and implemented by the company, Telefónica Business Solutions (TBS) can state that it has the best data centre network for its clients, in its footprint and connected between themselves. TBS has at least two data centres per country, allowing its clients to implement business continuity solutions or asset-asset services between themselves.

Telefónica data centres are part of its network core and enable access to Telefónica cloud services with the best provision of privacy, compliance with standards, performance, and availability. For multinational clients, Telefónica also has third party agreements available that allow it to offer solutions all around the world.

Telefónica and its international network of Data Centres

  • Telefónica has 33 Data Centres throughout the world, and manages a total of 83.
  • The total proprietary surface area of these 33 data centres is 39,000 square meters, and their total capacity is 44,000 kW. Both of these magnitudes can be expanded.
  • The TEF proprietary data centres in Latin America have a surface area of more than 20,000 square meters, and a capacity of approximately 22,500 kW.
  • In concrete, the new Data Centre in Chile (1,000 square meters) can triple its surface area to 3,000 square meters, and multiply its kW capacity by four.
  • Although the percentage varies according to region, on a global level Telefónica currently uses only approximately half of the installed megawatt capacity.
  • In addition to Spain, Europe, and the United States, Telefónica has data centres in Mexico, Central America, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile.
  • Telefónica is the operator with the largest data centre capacity in the world, and at the international level is in 15th place among sector companies.
  • Telefónica has 1 TIER IV Gold Data Centre in Spain (3rd to be granted this accreditation in the world and Nº1 if we don’t include the North American region), and 1 TIER III Gold in Brazil. It also has 6 other TIER III data centres around the world.


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