Telefónica moves from 5G to the metaverse with its innovative value propositions and digital transformation for the MWC

• The company attends the Mobile World Congress with an unprecedented deployment to showcase its technological leadership and its status as a reference partner for the digital transformation of companies and public administrations.
• With 5G at its core, the Group will showcase the solutions and possibilities offered by technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Edge Computing, Big Data, Blockchain or Cloud, and demonstrate the gains in efficiency, security and sustainability that their use provides to businesses and households.
• Telefónica attends the event in Barcelona with a powerful presence, collected in a display of almost 1,000 square meters, and an enriched and innovative virtual bet, through the representation of the physical stand in the metaverse, which will allow to enjoy the experience of all Telefónica demonstrations and follow live the sessions that will take place in the Agora.
• The company will have four areas at the stand that include different sector transformation proposals, two additional demonstrations in the virtual environment, six more demos that will be presented at the conferences that will be held each day in the Agora and 11 digital notebooks in which the Group will showcase its success stories to contribute to digital transformation.
• Telefónica's Agora will host 26 conferences, given by more than 30 speakers, and several demonstrations that will serve to showcase the company's wide range of solutions, services and value propositions.

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Telefónica will attend the 2022 edition of the Mobile World Congress (MWC), to be held in Barcelona between February 28 and March 3, with an innovative and cutting-edge value proposition that will showcase the wide range of solutions, services and success stories that consolidate its technological leadership and its status as a reference partner for companies and industry in the current digital transformation. With the combination of real-time and virtual participation, achieved through a revolutionary representation of the physical stand in the metaverse, the company will offer a unique experience based on the quality of the content displayed and the continuous and varied activity that will take place in the Agora, with sessions and presentations on 5G, holographic telepresence, use of drones in the industry or gaming.  

Aware that the time for digital transformation is now, with the technological revolution completely shaping the future of industrial activity, Telefónica will showcase its experience, capacity and commitment to help companies, public administrations and society as a whole take advantage of the extraordinary opportunity that digitalization and connectivity offer. It will also demonstrate everything it can do for them and the benefits its solutions provide to make businesses more efficient, sustainable and secure. With 5G at its core, the Group will showcase all the possibilities contained in technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Edge Computing, Cloud, Big Data or Blockchain.

952 square meters dedicated to innovation

The 952 square meters that will host the Telefónica stand at the MWC will be at the service of innovation and success stories that the company will make available to its visitors. The stand will have four areas that include different sector transformation proposals, each of which brings together different solutions and use cases.

‘Smart Industry’ will invite visitors to immerse themselves in a 360 experience to feel how Industry 4.0 is evolving thanks to a key factor: 5G connectivity; ‘Smart Buildings’ will showcase an integrative and differential proposal for buildings based on different technological solutions, capable of increasing efficiency, reducing costs, promoting sustainability, improving user experience and increasing security; ‘5G Bartender’ will highlight the use of 5G and Edge Computing to provide real-time control of scalable and efficient catering services with which to meet increases in demand at specific times; and ‘Digital Home’ will show the best offer in connectivity, entertainment and home security through the new and improved experiences available to gamers, augmented and immersive reality, and the integration of applications and features to develop the capabilities of Movistar Home. In all cases, Telefónica acts as a supplier and integrator of technologies and solutions to offer the best service to customers and users.

The stand demonstrations will be reinforced by another six that will be presented in several of the sessions that will be held in the Agora, with which Telefónica will highlight its most innovative profile and the variety of its solutions and proposals for the industrial and technological world.

This will be the case of ‘5G Holographic Telepresence’, with an event that will show the potential and innovative nature of telepresence through a remote interview with Olympic champion Carolina Marín who, thanks to augmented reality and 5G, will appear in the Agora as a complete volumetric figure with whom it will be possible to interact and talk in real time.

Another session, ‘5G Robotics for Monitoring Industrial Environments’, will address the solutions the technology brings to enable remote services in industrial environments. ‘5G Gaming Arena’ will be a live gaming event to showcase the quality and capability of Telefónica’s 5G with a competition of ten live gamers spread across four different venues: Telefónica Stand, Movistar Riders Matadero de Madrid, MWC Stand and Lleida Chamber of Commerce.

‘The future is here: drone protection of Telefónica’s headquarters’ will show the potential and solutions that drones offer for monitoring and surveillance of critical infrastructures. ‘Industrial Cybersecurity: challenges and solutions’ will identify and describe the cybersecurity challenges presented by industrial environments, and how to address them. And the session ‘Inescube Project: the eye that sees the chemistry of bodies’ will present a compact and modular device for the detection of features not visible to the human eye, resulting in a highly technological solution that combines hyperspectral machine vision cameras with software based on Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Stand in the metaverse

The ‘demos’ of the stand and the Agora will be replicated and expanded upon by the representation of the exhibitor in the metaverse, the innovative proposal with which Telefónica will carry out this year its virtual presence at the MWC. After the positive experience obtained in the last edition, in which the company offered a digital twin of the exhibitor to remotely follow its participation in the Mobile, this edition goes a step further that fits with its avant-garde and groundbreaking vocation.

Stand representation in the metaverse will not only allow to visit the four demonstrations present in the exhibitor and follow all the sessions of the Agora, but will reinforce the company’s proposal with two additional ‘demos’. They will be dedicated to ‘Predictive maintenance with 5G drones’, focused on the use of drones, 5G and Artificial Intelligence to enable new business uses through the exploitation of data collection, and ‘Cybersecure in the Smart Cities’, which will show all the keys to progress towards a ‘smart city’ that, in addition to being intelligent, is secure, efficient and sustainable. Telefónica’s stand at the metaverse will be lit on Sunday, February 27.

The Agora as a meeting point

With its virtual proposal, Telefónica will also allow the monitoring of all the sessions that will be held in its Agora, the auditorium that serves as a meeting point between experts and the public to share the stimulating combination of the most innovative technologies, such as 5G, Cloud, IoT or Edge Computing, and of the real success stories that Telefónica can show and explain to publicize the solutions and services it makes available to companies.

This year the Agora will host 26 activities, divided into 24 sessions and presentations and two ‘demotours’, to learn about the demonstrations in greater detail. In total, more than 30 top-level and qualified speakers will parade through a full agenda that can be enjoyed by all those who attend the MWC in person and all those who want to follow them through the stand in the metaverse.

The participation of Telefónica executives, experts and technicians will be reinforced by their presence in the agenda of sessions organized by GSMA. 31 company speakers will be featured in more than 25 sessions, including a keynote address by José María Álvarez-Pallete, Chairman of Telefónica and recently appointed Chairman of the GSMA, on the morning of 28 February.

Eleven digital notebooks

Telefónica’s proposal at MWC 2022 is completed with 11 digital notebooks that collect, with the maximum detail, the solutions, services and success stories obtained by the company in different industries and sectors.

These notebooks will be available on Telefónica’s dedicated Mobile site. The notebooks address such relevant sectors and trends as mobility (‘Smart Mobility’), building and facilities management (‘Smart Buildings’), health (‘eHealth’), innovation (‘Open Innovation’), education (‘Digital Education’), SMEs (‘Digital SMEs’), industry (‘Connected Industry’), tourism (‘Smart Tourism’), sports (‘Sports Tech’), leisure and entertainment (‘Digital Home’) and sustainability (‘Technology for the Planet’).

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