Telefónica launches LUCA, its new Big Data unit for corporate customers

LUCA will offer a portfolio of services to cover the Big Data requirements of a wide range of companies and organizations, from Data Management and Data Science to Tools and Infrastructure and...

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  • LUCA will offer a portfolio of services to cover the Big Data requirements of a wide range of companies and organizations, from Data Management and Data Science to Tools and Infrastructure and Business Insights.

Madrid, 20 October 2016.- Today Telefónica launches LUCA, its new Big Data services unit, enabling its corporate clients to understand their data and encourage a transparent and responsible use of data. Its creation is a fundamental part of Telefónica’s strategy to become a data-driven company, a process which began several years ago with the exploration of Big Data’s potential internally and the adaptation of its infrastructure to capture its potential, as well as improving its analytical capabilities.

Now, with the launch of LUCA, Telefónica moves forward in this process by enabling companies, public institutions and all kinds of organizations to advance on the same transformational journey, so they may benefit from the opportunity presented by Big Data and the positive effect it has on society as a whole.            

“Data is a critical asset for the future of Telefónica and any organization. With Telefónica’s fundamental promise to always maintain privacy, security and the transparent use of the data we want to help our clients understand its full potential,” said Chema Alonso, Chief Data Officer of Telefónica and head of the unit in which LUCA is integrated. “Big Data has helped us at Telefónica, and we strongly believe it will help our clients in decision-making, more efficient resource management and in returning the benefits of this wealth of information not only to their clients and direct users, but also to society.”

The offering of the new unit, led by Elena Gil, will have a comprehensive portfolio of services to provide solutions for the Big Data requirements of Telefónica’s corporate clients.  This catalogue has three main lines of products and services which are supported by a wide range of solutions, some existing, some new and some to be developed within the company or in partnership with third parties.

The Business Insights area brings the value of anonymous and aggregated data on Telefónica’s networks for a wide range of clients. This includes existing services, such as Smart Steps, which are focused on mobility analysis solutions for more efficient planning.  For example, to optimize transport networks and tourist management in cities, or in the case of a health emergency, in helping to better understand population movements and in limiting the spread of pandemics.

The analytical and external consultancy services for national and international clients will be provided by Synergic Partners, a company specialised in Big Data and Data Science which was acquired by Telefónica at the end of 2015.

Furthermore, LUCA will help its clients by providing BDaaS (Big Data as a Service) to empower clients to get the most out of their own data, using the Telefónica cloud infrastructure.

The catalogue of products and services of LUCA will be taken to market by the different business units in different countries across the Telefónica footprint. They will also use their own local capabilities internally to service their customers.  


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